February 14th, 2008


Valentine's Day

So I was kinda ignoring it and noone at work made a big deal about it. February was always gonna be a tough month for me - the 2nd was our anniversary, Valentine's Day and then my bday on the 27th. The first year we got together, the ex made a big deal about all of them. And then maybe the next year too but maybe with a little less of a deal and so on until last year, the month kinda really sucked (because of what he did, and even though my family and friends were lovely to me, it can never really make up for it).

So yeah, I was grinning and bearing through V Day cause ... well, I'm not the only single person on the planet anyway.

And then I was showing my uncle and mum out to their car just now and someone has come past and left me a box of chocolates and a really lovely note. If it was someone who reads this, thank you so much. Thanks for thinking of me today on a day that's been a bit tougher than others lately. I am truly touched and indeed feel loved by my friends.

And if it's not someone who reads this ... how do I go about thanking them?

Get on the bus or go home

Wilson Tuckey on Kevin Rudd:

Coalition backbencher Wilson Tuckey defended his boycott of the apology, and said he had no confidence in Mr Rudd's plan to address indigenous disadvantage.

" ... Like a lot of other promises he's made to Australians in the election, we will be able to stand here in a year's time and see none of them is going to happen," he said.

Just to recap, since Rudd became PM (and parliament only began sitting this week) he has signed Kyoto and enabled Australia to participate in the formulating of the next step beyond Kyoto, which is soon to expire. He has said the word "sorry", three times, which he promised would happen early in his term. He has taken out the gag clause in the NGO funding contracts from the Federal Govt. He has started the process of dismantling Workers Choice - policy whch lost the Liberals the election. He has proposed a way forward to bridge the gap between Indigenous and NonIndigenous Australians. He has gotten Federal Parliament to agree to freeze their salaries this year, with no repeal for repayment at the end of the year, in the beginning of his bid to get inflation under control. He has had the first meeting with State Premiers AND Treasurers to start tackling the health crisis - and no state left the table early or went home saying it was a waste of time.

Um ... just what stuff does Tuckey mean when he says this guy won't deliver on the promises in his election campaign?

I'm already pretty darn satisfied with this guy.

Plane Crash

Yesterday we lost a colleague in a horrific collision between a helicopter and airplane. You show up to do your job with intentions of helping to improve the state of things. And you hope you will be safe.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family who have had to suffer this great tragedy.