February 18th, 2008



See .. back to living life large.

Have a few posts I really want to blog tonight and sooooooo much work to do (and I know I am starting to drive benpayne just a wee bit mad) butI am just about to go out for a night of Ladino music with my two uncles. Apparently Ladino is to Spansih, what Yiddish is to german. Should be interesting.


Ooh that was great! I forgot music could put a smile on my face for the experience alone. Damn I hate discovering stuff about myself that I let slide.

Ladino music is excellent and has put me right in the mood for the Middle East - to which I paid my tickets last Friday! I will be in Tel Aviv at the end of June for just over a week and then am spending about a week in Turkey after that! Bring on the sexy flute and the snake charming and all that jazz! I'm pumped!