February 20th, 2008



Gosh darn it. I'll admit it. I'm having nightmares.

Every night now.

Not sure if that's better or worse than insomnia but I spose it means I've caught up on the exhaustion post break up and am now working on the processing of all of that. There's not a lot of room at the moment in my life for quietness and stillness for me to process what's going on and I think that's largely contributing to it. I took last week off and that was great but not enough. I guess it's never enough.

Last night I dreamed I was about to catch a plane with three of my old school friends. We were standing on the outskirts of the airport and we watched two planes crash into each other and fall to the ground. I could see the collision and then lots of black black smoke rising above the buildings. It was pretty distressing.

The night before that I dreamed an animal with clawed paws was trying to pull me out of bed from behind me and when I opened my mouth to scream, no sound would come out.

I know. I know. My mother would say this is all about my break up. Grr...

*goes to work on stillness of mind*

Shiny Issue 2 Review

A lovely review from Rich Horton in the latest issue of Locus

"The second issue of the Australian YA zine Shiny again features three fine stories, and again my favorite was the most light-hearted: Tina Connolly's "The Goats Are Going Places" is something of a sendup of YA hits like Gossip Girl, which is notoriously based on a real prep school in Manhattan. In Connolly's story her heroine is kicked out of her public high school and then sent to live with her aunt and to attend a high-end school. She gets in with the "in" girls, but perhaps takes things too far. Except that her aunt can do magic and uses some to teach her niece a lesson."

on finding myself again

In case you were wondering, my mother's interpretation of my dream was: when you think you are on a path and all your dreams go up in smoke, all is not lost, there is always another way.


I've been thinking a lot about rituals. We all have them. Things you always like to do - like before you go to bed or whatever. When the ex and I broke up the first time, my friend N told me that I need to change my routines, shake things up, so that nothing is familiar and thus nostalgic and sad. It was good advice then and it's good advice now. It was one of the things I was careful to do this time - hard as it was still living with him right after the break up. But the cool thing about new rituals is the newness of them - makes them special - and when they're yours, they're what you want to do.

The other day I was thinking how much I missed the old rituals but mostly because I had the ex to do them with. And it's the having couple rituals that kinda make you feel like a couple, or rather what makes your coupling feel special. I was sad about the fact that they were gone and that we'd never do them anymore and nostalgic remembering how we'd come up with them and stuff. That's probably the bit I miss the most - that someone else thinks spending time with you is special enough and the likes that you both share are special enough to both of you to ritualise them. Or even better, when you introduce someone to something you love and find they love them and it becomes a special thing you both do together.

Lately though, I've been noticing myself returning to rituals that remind me of the first few years we were together. Rituals we had at the beginning of our relationship and which now make me a little bit sad. But it just occurred to me that actually, these were probably my own original rituals or things that *I* liked to do that he adopted because mostly he's just the sort of person who's spontaneous and has no regular routine. So I'm not going to be sad about going back to rituals we first shared in our beginning days. They were *my* rituals all along. They're things that *I* like to do and that make *me* happy.

Twelfth Planet Press Announces Deborah Biancotti Collection

Twelfth Planet Press is delighted to announce the forthcoming publication of the first collected works of Deborah Biancotti, to be released in 2009.

Biancotti has been nominated for seven Ditmars in the past eight years. In 2001 she won the Ditmar for Best New Talent. In 2002 she won the Best Short Story Ditmar for King of All and the Metal Sentinel. Her first published story, The First and Final Game won the 2000 Aurealis Award for Best Horror Short Story. Her most recent publication, A Scar for Leida won the 2007 Aurealis Award for Best Young Adult Short Story and has again been nominated for a Ditmar.

She has received frequent honorable mentions in Datlow, Link and Grant's Year's Best Fantasy & Horror for stories such as Surrender 1: Rope Artist (2007), Stealing Free (2006), Number 3 Raw Place (2004), Cinnamon Gate (2004), The Distance Keeper (2003) and Silicon Cast (2002). The Dying Light (2006) and Number 3 Raw Place (2004) have both been reprinted in Congreve and Marquandt's Year's Best Australian Fantasy & Science Fiction series.

Biancotti has upcoming work in 2012 and Clockwork Phoenix, with work being planned in conjunction with Gilgamesh Press.

We think it's high time that the best of Deborah Biancotti's work be collected, presented and enjoyed all in one volume.