February 22nd, 2008


Twelfth Planet Press Announce Call for Submissions for Novella Series

Twelfth Planet Press is looking for unique novellas to publish in our novella series.

We expect to publish one to two novellas a year in this ongoing series. We are looking for speculative fictional stories between 20 000 and 40 000 words in length. We are especially looking for strong, tightly written pieces with subject matter that may tend towards not fitting into the usual specfic novella outlets.

Word count: 20 000 to 40 000 words
Genre: science fiction, fantasy, or horror
Payment: A$250 advance for the story plus 8% royalties
Reading period: Now to July 29th 2008
Submit: send your story as an rtf attachment to twelfthplanetpress@gmail.com

(There will be a second reading period towards the end of 2008 and into 2009)


I'd probably be more outraged about the Prime Minister not being in Parliament on a Friday if he weren't off visiting an Indigenous community and checking out flood damamged Mackay. It seems to me like he's taking the opportunity to like, do his job, represent the people and get a step up on some of the commitments he made on Sorry Day.

I see the Opposition had time and budget to spend making a cardboard cut out of the PM though.

Fun times.

From ASif! News headlines

The other day I signed up for the Tor newsletter (as per the ASif! News headline from Sunday Feb 17). Today I got my link to the free download of John Scalzi's Old Man's War.

I like the idea of getting free books and of getting more books to read. I only wish I actually had time and brainspace to read.

I've noticed lately that not only can I only write or edit in any one work window, I'm also only able to read, write or edit in that window. And since I've been so overwhelmed with final edits for 2012, I am sooooooooo behind in reading. I'm probably going to have to take next week off for mandatory reading nights.


I've been doing a lot of healing with gemstones lately - one of the many things/interests/characteristics about me that I have returned to post-ex.

In December I wore a purple jasper every day and it just helped so much.

(I've been wearing rhodochrosite for about a year and a half, make of that what you will..)

Anyway, I recently pulled out the rose quartz and have some sizable pieces (mediated with amethyst) by my bedside. Rose quartz on your bedside is supposed to bring you love, and you mediate that with amethyst. I must say, I really do feel love coming towards me in huge waves on a daily basis. It's funy cause you think romantic love, and that's why I put it there, but still all genuine love, no matter the exact definition, is pretty damn fine.

Last weekend my mother and I made a pilgrimage to a place in the hills to buy something I was recommended - a soulmate quartz. I found one. She only had one. And it's about 15 cm in length, and about that in circumference. I have it too by my bedside. If anyone out there has any advice as to what I should be doing with that, other than that, I'd love to know.

I wondered if maybe my nightmares were due to that - it's a pretty large, strong piece. But then last night I had me the opposite of a nightmare so ... *shrugs*