February 26th, 2008



I have a mini announcement on some stuff to do with the Ditmar voting which I'll make as soon as I can.

but I wanted to point y'all who are not yet informed about a discussion group set up by punkrocker1991 to hash out and come up with some solutions to the Ditmar process. It's here: http://groups.google.com/group/ditmar-amendments2008?hl=en

He is going to moderate it, which I think is very brave, and he's written a schedule for goals that he proposes be achieved at the end of the exercise. I don't really plan to get highly involved in the process. Sure, I have opinions about the Ditmars, anyone reading here long enough will know that. And I have a record of attempting to fix problems if I can identify what's wrong with the nature of things. But actually, in this instance, I'm not sure that I am someone who should be involved in changing the guidelines. I have a vested interest in any and all outcomes of such a process and thus I think I should not be involved too highly in the nutting things out. It makes me a bit uncomfortable, to tell you the truth.

However, the very first item to be discussed is "do the guidelines need changing?" and well ... if successive adminstrators of an awards process are being made to cry, then that surely speaks for itself?

Ditmars 2008 Voting Package

Tehani Wessely and I were talking on the phone last night and mulling over Ditmars stuff, as our ilk are wont to do. And she mentioned that she thought there should be a package of the short stories and maybe the novellas that are nominated on the ballot that could be sent out with the Ditmar Voting Ballot. They do it with the Oscars - it's one of the coolest aspects of being in the guild and being able to vote - you get all the movies sent to you to watch before you vote.

So we mulled it over and thought ... hey! that's not so hard to do! And really, most of us never see all the art that's nominated either, how hard is that to include? And the other stuff? What if the best new talent contenders each provided a little mini bio that you could read? And what if all the relevant links to all the online material were compiled and readily available for voting perusal?

And so, at 11.30 last night she and I were emailing and googling away. And I have to say, the response has been overwhelming. Authors and artists are giving permission left, right and centre and already this morning we have a pretty decent-looking package compiled. We're still waiting for a few items but for those of you eligible to vote on this year's Ditmars ballot we will be presenting: Your 2008 Ditmar Ballot!!! A package of fiction, nonfiction, artwork, links and bios. It will be winging it's way to your inbox very very soon.

Celebrating our 500th Review!


In celebration of the publication of our 500th review at ASif!, we have 5 packs of the first 3 books of The Lost Shimmaron series to give away.

Send an email naming 3 of the 7 authors of The Lost Shimmaron series to the asif.editor@gmail.com to win!

Entries close Friday March 7th, 2008.

Ditmar Voting package

Thought I might mention that there are things related to the Ditmars that are fun and enjoyable. Putting together the voting package has been so great - everyone has been willing to participate and helpful and I think we have managed to pretty much track down everything within reason on the ballot. And I've spent the day getting emails thanking me and telling me what a great idea it is. Today totally was a great day! We can't do all your homework for you - you're on your own for the novels and the collections - but almost everything else should be there for prevoting information.

And so not only does this make so many nominations available to voters who may not otherwise have had familiarity with everything in a category but this actually looks like a pretty cool production for it's own sake. I mean, you get to read the short stories and novellas that received the most nominations, nominated artworks to peruse, a bit of the top commentary published last year to palate cleanse after the fiction. It's quite a spiffy little work in its own right. And covers all the gamut - SF, Fantasy, Horror, nonfiction - something for everyone! It's like the magazine the scene would put together if we were to coedit one. (PS let's not every contemplate doing that for real)


Taking the day off work tomorrow so I get to stay up as late as I like tonight! Yay! I've booked myself in for a bit of a treat - a 2.5hr day spa present to me. Sooooo looking forward to it. And lunch with my mum and then dinner with my mum and sister and her husband.

I've also had bday afternoon teas at work the last two days as I took in leftovers from Saturday night which we have slowly been working through.

So I blogged the aftermath but not the actual thang. Was such a fun night on Saturday night - not a big crowd but sort of a shuffling crowd as people left, other people came. Never too many people that I felt I missed out talking to some and not too few that it got aw-kward. editormum brought her kiddies and I was mean and took ages to realise that actually sticking them in from of the TV was fair to everyone. And it also took me til very late to remember that I paid for the Disney and Nickolodean channels on Foxtel *in case* kids ever visited and we needed them to be *quiet*. I'm so not kid prepared.

The only other annoying thing was I specifically put on the table near the front door some books I had to return to fred_mouse and totally forgot!

Was a good time. It's been ages since I laughed so much on my bday and um ... got that drunk. I had quiet the sore head all the next day. But you know, is funny the way adults get caught up in the media hype. My mum is so used to the binge drinking thing on TV that when I saw her and said i have a hangover, she said... but ... you didn't drink so much you were sick did you? As though there's sober and then there's paralytic and there's nothing in between.

Sunday I caught up with ratfan to borrow her copy of Twilight which I've made a good indent in and am about to log off in order to go read. We had a really good chat though too.