February 27th, 2008


The big Three Two

I had the best day! Thank you everyone for your blogged birthday wishes, text messages, emails, cards and facebook messages - what a deluge! I've been trying to answer each of them and it's taking literally hours! I'm so truly touched. And I've decided to collect each and every best wish for cashing in during the year and it's gonna be, therefore, a pretty kick-arse, brilliant year!

The day started with the most beautiful sunrise - I didn't actually see it, but the News had a recap. And just on the way home tonight, my sister and I saw a shooting star! How cool is that!

In between I had a great sleep in, a wonderful tarot reading from azhure, a lovely coffee at my fave breakfast place and read of Twilight before my Mum and Nana joined me for lunch. Then I had my 2.5 hour day spa treatment - my therapist raved about Twilight which I was reading in the lounge area, then I had a full body polish, a steam sauna, a full body massage and then a facial. Then I got a lovely little snack in the lounge area and the chef found out it was my birthday and made me a little cake with a candle in it! And I finished all that off with a nice cold cosmopolitan. Came home to find the proofs of 2012. Then was whisked off to dinner with my sister and her husband and our Mum.

Too too good.

Also the ex happened to call me today about money he owed me and accidentally discovered he'd forgotten my bday although thinks he covered well as he had a present when he came past with the money. This year is about going with the gut (not two hours after he came by, I had a scratchie and before scratching thought I would win $10 and I did) so I know that he forgot my b'day. He didn't even have the time to come in for 2 secs and his gift was those chocolates you can buy prewrapped - he'd obviously swung by on his way over. However, *this* year I ain't letting him ruin my bday and instead I am taking today as the omen that *even* those who didn't *want* to wish me a happy birthday ended up doing so and giving me a gift. Coulda been worse, he could have admitted he forgot and didn't care.

I even got bday wishes from the Realms of Fantasy forums. How hilarious!

32 is going to be a brilliantly fantastic year. I can feel it!

Cover Letter

I just got this as a cover letter to a submission:

Here's my story attached, open it up and read. A good read I think. It is about *********. Please pay me by email if possible.

What attitude do you think I'm taking into the reading of this piece, do you think?