March 1st, 2008


2012 Reviewed

Simon Petrie has reviewed 2012 at Specusphere.

I find it almost impossible to avoid comparison with last year’s Ticonderoga Publications anthology, The Worker’s Paradise. It’s not an invidious juxtaposition: both anthologies are concerned with near-future extrapolation, as viewed from a contemporary Australian perspective, and there are several authors (Brown, Flinthart, Warren) common to both. Each is, to my mind, well worth the time and money. In the case of 2012, I would say that purchase could be justified merely on the basis of the stories by Biancotti, Conyers, and Flinthart, but those are by no means the only worthwhile stories collected here. My sole criticism would be that, at a mere 128 pages, it’s over too soon. Nonetheless, this is an anthology that deserves to bring new converts into the fold of spec-fic readership, by showing repeatedly and with clarity that speculative fiction can afford important and penetrating insights into humanity in a fashion that just isn’t possible through any other art-form.

While you're there, check out the all new look of Specusphere.

On rebirth

Sometimes, a gal just has to go get herself a smashing pair of sexy shoes and start all over again.

I've mentioned to a few people in this whole "getting over it and starting again" thing that "... and then it will be March..." with some kind of implication to that. And ... it's March and I am kinda over it and moving on. I have all sorts of nonbloggy projects that I have ramped up too so that'll all keep me very busy but for some reason, I kinda feel like I'm in hurry - that it all has to be done and sorted by the end of this month.

I've been watching moderngypsy declutter her house and it's been getting me motivated. I particularly like how she is tallying the items she's removed from her house. It's an approach that appeals because when I moved this last time I wondered why the hell I had so much crap and why I couldn't toss it out. At the time, moving was more of a stress and so I just packed it all and moved it. And right now I'm in a three bedroom house with tonnes of storage so it's technically (apart from my study) not really an issue. But I am constantly aware that I may have to move again soon and so I do keep looking at items to see whether I *really* need them. I'm going to tally all the items I remove from my house with a goal to removing 1000 by the end of March. My current tally is 35.

Ditmar vortex and other things

If you're wondering where some of us have disappeared to, we've been sucked inside the nexus - but instead of it being the one place in the world where you're the happiest and you never want to leave, this one is kind of a place where you have to keep revisiting the same Ditmar subclause over and over and over again.

No .. really ... it's been ... fun. It's been an enormous load in terms of reading, rapidly thinking and replying. And it's not always been the funnest place on Earth to be. Gladly Russell is going to shut it down for a radio silence of about 24 hours and I will be glad for the break. But I really think a lot of ground has been covered, a lot of issues have been raised and I think some progress has been made. It's not always been painless. But I think that probably means it's been worthwhile. I for one am far more familiar with all the rules and the intent and how it's all supposed to work. It's been eye opening.

And I have some ideas about how I personally can proceed. The most pressing of which is to make sure we have enough material in every single category for the eligibles list for 2009. I have created a temporary space on ASif! to start compiling this and you'll note that we at Last Short Story are well into the short story reading year with almost 100 there already. Other categories are not well represented, not because there are not works eligible but because we don't always hear about them or know where to find them. This year I really want to find out about the (SF) fan art that is produced around Australia. If you create some or know someone who did or find some, please please please drop me a line here, or at ASif! or at girlie dot jones at gmail dot com.