March 2nd, 2008



Do not insult me and then further insult me by telling me I have had the wrong reaction (insulted) to your insult. I have a broad understanding of a)humour and b)the history of bigotry and thus will spot your racist, antisemitic or sexist remark for what it is. Don't try and later dress it up as humour - if it were funny, we would have laughed. If it was "just a remark", it would have been so ie gone unnoticed.

That's twice this weekend I've been on the receiving end of these (and the second time was actually the last of three, but I let the first two slide).


more grumbly

I also got yelled at and discplined for apparently not saying something that I had in fact said about four times but the person won't admit to reduced hearing.

What? Have I got "kick me" written on my back or something?


So I bought myself a stunning new painting. No I can't afford it. But it *is* very pretty.