March 3rd, 2008


I should add

that "hell" also included a lovely green salad sitting on an ovenroasted piece of eggplant accompanied by a delicious vinaigrette, a mushroom and pumpkin risotto drizzled with truffle oil and a lime and basil sorbet. And a couple of glasses of perky sparkling wine, a mug of rich hot chocolate and two hosts who let me watch all the crap TV I wanted .... it wasn't so bad at all!

Although writing the summary sucked. I still have to type it up in the morning. Am going to bed to read some Twilight now and have Sea Rescue in the arvo.


My shift ended after 8.30 pm and then I had to drop off a senior crew member on the way home. I just ate dinner and will have two seconds to sit down before I go to sleep.

Am rostered on with Hot Guy later this month so am not too upset to have 3 shifts, one this weekend coming even though I was on today. But then .. tomorrow night is training and everyone swaps their shifts so you never really know what's going on anyway. I'm taking a c'est la vie attitude to it all.