March 6th, 2008


2012 Sneak Peek: Watertight Lies by Deborah Biancotti

"You know who has good air conditioning? Banks have good air conditioning."

Pete was hanging upside down from the cave roof, lowering the monitoring jack into the pool below. Though “pool” was probably too generous a description.

Further back on the roof, Gabrielle took a more traditional approach to the problem of hanging upside-down. She was spread-eagled on the roof, alternatively tipping her head to watch Pete's progress, and more frequently leaning her forehead on the cool rock above her. She took deep, concentrated breaths, pressing her fists to the sides of her temple.

Pete often said if they gave him a desk job, he'd wither and die.

Gabe would've killed for a desk job.

"I worked in a bank once," she said.

"Yeah? Did they have good air conditioning?"

"Mostly they saved it for the customers."

"Well, those two-faced, snake-rat-bastards," said Pete calmly. "What'd you do there?"

It was how they checked in on each other, this bland back-and-forth, making sure no one was panicking in the confined quarters of the cave. The water four metres below glowed green under their head lamps, and the rest of the cave was so thick with blackness you could almost chew it.

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Anyone reading this currently in NYC?

Apparently there was some kind of small explosion in Times Square near the military recruitment station?