March 15th, 2008


Oh look! A gardening post

I just have this feeling, much like I thought by March I would be beyond the ex, that I need to get everything sorted by the end of March. Not in a "get your affairs in order" kinda way but in a ... you're going to be too busy to get it done in April and you'll really wish you had worked hard and put in the time.

I spent today getting my post-the-post-the-break-up hair colour. I think that means I really am moving past it all :-D No more bright, in your face, look at me, siren red hair. I've gone chocolate brown, some reds, and blonde highlights. I guess this is my single chic hair colour. *shrugs*

Then I realised that next weekend is Swancon and the weekend after is sea rescue and the weekend after that is April so I hied my way to ye olde Bunnings for my second gardening mission. After spending a princely sum and three hours in the garden, I am sore and tired but happy with the result and hopefully my aunt will be too.

(For calla_s and valeshka1):
I put in two cordylines into the mega pots by my front door. I potted some plants (chilli and a dwarf lemon tree) that I got for my birthday. I planted two pink flowering thangs in the front garden. I potted a cute little plant I bought called Geisha Lady (how could I resist?) and some coriander. And then I started planting blubs!!! Woot!!! I met this really fantastic botanist in my last job who collected daffodils - he has 80 varieties but apparently there are over 2000 named varieties. He brought daffodils into work till very late after traditional bulb season. I kinda fancied my own collection so today I started with ... 8 different varieties. And I also bought some tulips cause I can never resist em - this time I got Queen of the Night (black!) and pink and violet ones.

Tomorrow I do the final biscuit bake off and finalise catering for the 2012 launch - you'll have to keep your eyes peeled to figure out where and what is going to happen for that. But don't worry, I'll leave clues.