March 16th, 2008



I made sure to get all the planned gardening done yesterday because it is supposed to rain today. Been sitting here looking out my lovely little table and chairs in the patio with all the new pots and flowers and been meaning to go out and sit there and read today. I even worked out that I can get wireless out there. But have left it too late as it looks like the clouds are starting to come in.

Last night I lost my third pair of scissors in this house. When I say lost I really mean that they go missing from where I leave them.

I think my migraine has finally gone. Yay. Got masses of work to catch up on though!


Has anyone else seen the new ad for tampons with the woman wandering around with a beaver and the voiceover says "you only have one, so why not take care of it?"

Is it just me who says: WTF?

(and also mentally taking the euphemism too far?)

For goodness sake!

If I didn't drop one thing today, I dropped 20. I knocked over vases filled with water, dropped 4 biscuits and two muffins (all went in the bin), I knocked over a tray with sesame seeds on it. A ton of stuff. And no, it's not PMS. Grrr...