March 17th, 2008



Happy Birthday kathrynlinge!!!!!!!!!! I have dragged your present into work with me today - seeya at lunch! Am so glad to have you back in our lil city this year - we must get round to scheduling some trouble to get into.

So y'all are arriving here in 3 sleeps. Gosh that snuck up on me. I still have 200 biscuits to bake and um ... shopping and things to do.

Hopefully 2012 will arrive from the printers today. Cutting it a bit fine there ... hmmm... lalalala

Have fixed the scissors issue - the last pair gone kindly resurfaced. I hope the two pairs of secateurs will too.

Last night I think I started working on my plan to fix global warming in my sleep. Yeah. I really need to get some relaxation happening. I'm thinking a tropical island, some tropical drinks and some tropical men.

Swancon Programming

Oh yeah ... y'all should come laugh at the nutcases in the Last Short Story on Earth crew who've teamed up with Jonathan Strahan this year for manic and maniac reading. We're gonna be talking about that on Saturday at 3pm in Montana B.

And don't forget girliecon on Thursday night from 7pm till 11pm.

And the launch party for 2012 - some info on that ... it's a joint launch with another much anticipated anthology that's political and also about grass roots action. So ... keep your ear to the ground and your eyes peeled for clues.

And in the meantime, don't forget to vote for the Ditmars.

2012 Sneak Peek: Fleshy by Tansy Rayner Roberts

From: kelly clyde [ ]
Sent: Thursday, 04 September 2012 11:59 PM
To: all [address book]
Subject: Fleshy

This isn’t going to make any sense to you unless I tell you everything, right from the start. Bear with me. And don’t panic, no matter what you read. I need solutions now, helpful ideas, lateral thinking, whatever. Not rescue squads or police cars or whatever. Reasoned response, not knee jerk reactions.

Bear with me. And please read all the way to the end.

This is what really happened.

* * *

“You always said you wanted a pet,” said Matt.

“A pet,” I said, eyeing the interloper on my bargain basement Persian rug. “A kitten, maybe. A hamster. Not a genetically modified lump of your DNA.”

“Well, we can’t get rid of it now,” he said with a smirk. “It’s my own flesh and blood. Flesh, anyway.”

The mound of pinkish skin and fat currently residing on my carpet gave something of a bounce, and a shimmy. Light played on it as if it were a particularly meaty thigh.

“Go on,” said Matt. “Touch it. You know you want to.”

I couldn’t think of anything I wanted less, but I still found myself reaching out towards it. My fingers encountered warmth and... flesh. When I shacked up with a genetic scientist, I expected to be invited to some very strange parties, but I never thought I would end up with a lump of bio-engineered flesh on the carpet. “What’s it for?”

Be among the first to read 2012 - still available for prepurchase at $20.

Local Postage

International Postage

Or pick up a copy at Swancon - look out for our launch!

What I love about Aussie small press ...

... is it's unwavering ability to prevent it from ever being anything more than that by constantly bringing it down from the inside out - constantly throwing negative criticism and bad vibe at projects before they ever have a chance to come out and prove itself properly first. I especially enjoy near future critiques like this one from Robert Hoge:

Also, I'm surprised to see one launch being promoted as a mystery, where we have to keep an eye out for clues as to when/where it will be. Sometimes there are reasons these things aren't known a week out from the con. Often they're out of the control of the publisher. It happens. But if that's the case tell us and let us know when we can find out. Otherwise it's just as likely we won't come because we won't know when the bloody launch is on! As Kate would say on Electric Alphabet, it's not good 'platform.'

Oh wait ... no that's *not* the bit I love about it.
You know, it would be one thing if people came to the con and couldn't find the launch and never saw the book on show anywhere and asked me about it and I didn't have any and they went home not buying a book they really wanted.

It's quite another to read the post I made about the mystery book launch which follows an actual live link to a paypal button that you can click and have the book mailed to your very own house (and thanks and hi to the 20 people who have already done so! You should be getting that book very very soon) and then complain that you may not find this launch and thus can't buy the book. It's great to be so critiqued before the event - cause I would go to all the trouble and expense of catering and supplying drink and organising a small press table smack bang in the middle of the lobby all con long and then try not to sell one copy of my book. That sounds like the kind of business smarts I'd think was a good idea.

You know, don't buy my book cause you don't like SF or you think $20 is too expensive or you hate the cover art or every single story every single writer in the book has ever written. Or because you don't like me. Or you hate Ben Peek. But don't complain than you might not be able to find the book to buy after reading my blog where you have been able to buy the book for the last month (and haven't) and long before you've been hit in the head with the 500 bright orange flyers advertising the launch.

back to normal programming

And now I have to gear up the energy to bake another 120 biscuits.

Why the 500 biscuits you may ask? What if you too miss out on tasting these? Biscuits can be tried over at the small press table which is going to be *somewhere* - I'd be more specific if I could but getting information out of the Swancon committee is like getting blood out of a stone. But trust me, you'll find it. It'll be a table with books on it and samples of my Nana's world famous sesame seed biscuits.

And you can buy all the ASIM you want, 2012, The Workers Paradise, Fantastic Wonder Stories, Daikaiju 3, Shadowplays, Shiny 2007 Trio, Magic Dirt, C0ck, Borderlands 9 and a whole tonne of Mirrordanse books - including a special deal for the first 3 volumes of the Aust Best Of Series.

What the?

How the hell did it get to be 10pm already?

I just have had the weirdest evening. I've just realised all this stuff I always thought to be true, I totally had backwards and now I don't know *what* to think.

And now my panadol has worn off and it's hello migraine?! all over again. I am moving offices tomorrow to see if it's environmental.

What I *actually* love about small press

... is the number of wise and knowledgable people who are amazing and generous. With 2012 alone I could not have pulled it off without Ben, who had my back when I had no internet and no focus. We had Tehani who proof read everything on an amazing turnaround, we had the classiest bunch of writers who were fun to work with and had fun themselves working within the theme, we had the divine Ms Cat Sparks who did layout and the stunning cover, both for love (and has mine, undying 4eva) and who patiently gave me all the advice I needed for getting the printing organized, and a fantastic printer who did the work (please please let the books arrive before the con) and Russ who never ever gets sick of sitting and talking about all kinds of boring business model end type publishing stuff, who showed me his spreadsheets, has the book available in his online store, is sharing book launch costs and effort with me and is helping me out with Twelfth Planet Press webpagey stuff. And Kathryn who has helped me with catering for the launch and Tehani's Mum who is going to do some of the shopping for the rest of the food for the launch! And my Mum who is going to help me prepare the food and then drop it into the city for us right before the launch.

And beyond that are the readers and fans who have already supported us and the project by prebuying it and reading and reviewing it.

And of course there are so many other people who help and advise me on all my other projects too.

There's an awful lot I *do* love about small press and I love being part of the vibrant parts of the community. It has embraced me and has always shown me love and support and wisdom and I so appreciate you.

Just wanted to say that too.