March 18th, 2008


more criticism

I must say ... I do enjoy being the subject of criticism and dissection on how badly I have done something that I have not yet actually done. It's fascinating to see how this fictitious me has done really silly things like not tell anyone where the launch was and also scheduled it against the other programming so no one showed up anyway. Gosh she is silly! Not a very good business woman is she at all!?

I've been attempting to cover up something that maybe I shouldn't and I don't think I will any longer since in so doing, I seem to be having these interesting pot shots being taken at me that I don't think I necessarily deserve.

So um I have a lot riding on this Swancon in terms of selling my book, obviously. But it long ago became apparent to me that if I wanted to do that, I was not going to be able to rely on the committee. I'm really sorry to have to blog this but emails go unanswered and are never acknowledged and when they are, people seem vague and don't actually know what's going on and when you have invested a considerable amount of money in your product, you have to figure out how to work around obstacles.

Some examples I guess:
There's no dealer room at Swancon. It's not considered to be a useful or economical use for a room. That's a problem if the main reason you go to Swancon is because of the publishing side, as I do. I was able to secure a table for small press all con long, which is very kind. However, I still don't know whether it's one table or two, where exactly the space will be that I can use and apparently I have to be prepared to move upstairs if the space is needed for some other (unspecified and vague) reason. I hope I don't have to move my table when I am trying to launch my book.

The Swancon program only came out I think two days ago. I have not known when the panel I am scheduled to be on was on until then.

The Swancon program has been released with all sorts of gliches in it - will it be the final program that happens on the day? What if I scheduled my launch and then suddenly found it up against the Guest of Honour Speech?

I was told that I could organise a party pack for girliecon but when I emailed the relevent people to confirm this, I never received a reply. Should I rely on that on the day or should I organise my own event and cater for it myself outside of the program in order to ensure that it happens?

Given all this, what is the likelihood, do you think, that I have scheduled my book launch during Swancon programming? Probably, it would be smarter to offer free food and drink for just after the end of the program on a public holiday when everything else is closed and then let everyone know, by way of trusty advertisements that are handed out to all and sundry actually *at* the con where and when it is. And probably I'm not gonna be able to be certain of that until I am *at* the con and can see that where I want to hold it is going to be feasible on the day.

But I tell you what? How 'bout we see how I do and if I flunk out in a mighty big fashion and noone comes, noone hears about it and noone buys my book. How bout *then* we do the debrief autopsy of why my idea sucked so bad. How 'bout we do it *informed* and based on what *actually* happened instead of pretending we have any idea that we know what is really going on over here and speculating on what kind of clues they might be?

Swancon 2008 Small Press Table

My inbox has been like Grand Central Station today.

But some added good news! It looks like Borderlands 10 will be out for Swancon - yay!

So just to remind you, come visit the Small Press table, sample my home baked cookies and buy all the ASIM you want, 2012, The Workers Paradise, Fantastic Wonder Stories, Daikaiju 3, Shadowplays, Shiny 2007 Trio, Magic Dirt, C0ck, Borderlands 9 and 10 and a whole tonne of Mirrordanse books - including a special deal for the first 3 volumes of the Aust Best Of Series.


that's the number of biscuits I've baked.

Am done
But still have Shiny CDs to sort. Tomorrow. Even though tomorrow is already fully booked