March 20th, 2008


My Brilliant Friend!

*Finally* the news is out on Tansy Rayner Roberts:

A few months ago, I sold my chick lit crime novel, Cafe La Femme, to Ron Serdiuk at Pulp Fiction Press. This is very exciting, of course (BOOK SALE! Always exciting) but particularly in this instance because it's the first time I've had a mainstream (ie not spec fic in any way) title accepted for publication.

It's also a book set in Hobart - those of you who follow my short fic such as the Ditmar-nominate "The Bluebell Vengeance" might have noticed that I finally got over my phobia about actually setting fiction in the city where I live (I know, weird, I have given up trying to understand me). I went to town on this one, immersing myself in the more fun side of my city's culture and adding a few entirely fictional details of my own.

Potential tourists will be saddened to learn Hobart doesn't actually have an Annual Coffee Fair. However, I think we should start one! And I should get royalties!

I have been *dying* to read Cafe La Femme for agggggggggges and she won't let me until I have my very on printed copy in my hands. And so I am *still* waiting but hopefully for not too much longer.

Congratulations cassiphone - now get back to work!


Found - one flinthart shaped, whistle-blowing entity - in less than mint condition - voice not guaranteed to remain.

Delivered to hotel. Can be recovered at Swancon.

DON'T FORGET GIRLIECON - am popping sea breezes on ice as we speak

Also, 2012 *finally* arrived. Can we all say "phew"!
And I had a minor bingle in my car yesterday. Can't wait to not have to be so flustered all the time!