March 28th, 2008



It's pretty hard to follow that last post. It seems inappropriate to be be happy and light - I'm not. It seems wrong to post something inconsequential or impersonal. It also seems wrong to pretend everything is okay. It's not.

But it's going to be.

Everything is in a state of transition at the moment.

I spent last night working on 2012 stuff. Addressed a bunch of envelopes and packed up a bunch of books. Let the 6 full boxes of books mock and laugh at me. Tried to figure out paypal and the 2012 spreadsheet - neither of which yet make full sense. I did laundry and cleaned up my kitchen. I watered my plants.

And then I went to bed and slept like a log.

And here it is - Friday. How did that happen?

2012 - The Feedback

Editing is a funny thing. You work really hard and agonise over the story choices, the words in the story, the placement of the stories in the book and so on. And then you have this shiny thing and you release it into the world.

And then you think, "Oh shit, people are going to read it, and like it and hate it. And then they are going to tell you. Or worse, they're not going to tell you." And then you have to wonder what you think of the work, when you've stepped far enough away from it to be able to evaluate it with less bias.

And then the feedback does start to come in. And people tell you that they liked x but y, not so much, that one they didn't really engage with. And you think that's cool. Maybe this was a better choice than that and you think about what was behind both choices. And then someone else comes along and says they loved y but x they couldn't really relate to. And you start to freak out and think "what does this mean?"

I think it means it's cool - that different stories work for different people and as long as someone takes something away from the book, we did a good job. The great thing is that people seem to be relating to wildly different works in the book. I kinda really like that.

Also? It means they're reading it, which is the best bit of all!

patronising much?

Another Swimming Post

Just watching the news coverage of Libby Trickett's breaking of the world record last night in the 100m Freestyle. The male commentator goes on to talk about the swimmer who came in second in the race, just behind Trickett - Cate Campbell, a 15 year old. As he's calling it, he says "coming in swimming faster than most boys her age".

What the fuck? She came in just behind the world record holder, I'd say she probably swims faster than pretty much *everyone* on this planet. So fucking patronising - ageist and sexist all in the one go.