April 2nd, 2008


on Fans

Was watching the all but last episode of Season 1 of Project Runway last night - I think there is one more episode after the Fashion Week show? Anyway, I noticed that the three judges they had to decide the overall winner were: professional fashion designer, professional fashion editor for Elle magazine and a fan of fashion.

The 'fan' is Parker Posey, an actress in mostly indie films but I think she had a guest role on Boston Legal and is also often photographed in women's mags with "fashion fan" in her write up.

I thought it was interesting that they chose her as the third judge for the show. And didn't back away from the label of 'fan'. I mean, she follows the works of designers, she clearly understood what was happening and going on in each of the collections and wears fashion so she knows something about the consumer end of high fashion. Why not have a fan as an expert to judge?

Why not indeed.

I liked the parallels to recent discussions about the place on fan guests to cons (and other fan related thangs ...)