April 4th, 2008



Anyone else seen the footage of Rudd standing all by himself in the milling around of NATO people and then saluting President Bush?

It's like aw-kward watching him sorta swinging his arms back and forth and not knowing how to mingle and then like, maybe saluting noone at all to look like he *was* doing something. Then you see it was to Bush and he goes over to shake hands etc and I'm kinda left wondering if maybe ... I dunno ... he crossed over to the dark side?


My friend at work and I have both been having bad days today. Anyone else feeling that Mercury is in the 7th House or something?

I just found out that my credit card has been compromised.

I feel like I've been benched. My card is suspended till next week when I get a new one. And they won't tell me where it got compromised. I think that's really unfair - yeah, it will affect the retailer cause yo, I don't want to go back there. Damn straight.