April 5th, 2008



I think I have finally kicked the postcon blues' ass!

Last night and today I took my life in hand and spent the time putting it all back in its place. *happy sigh* My house looks so much better - it's so easy to feel down and unmotivated when your kitchen looks like a mess, all your laundry has to be done and you haven't picked up after yourself. Suddenly there are clean surfaces, folded clean clothes, clean bed sheets, neat kitchen and then I am able to kick some *inbox ass*.


Just tackled half my inbox. Published the first reviews on ASif! for April. Sorted a tonne of behind the scenes crap. *happy sigh again* I feel so much better when I have under 50 emails in my inbox - I am sitting at 53 (after being up to 120 at points this week and not managing to maintain under 100 since long before Swancon). Yay.

I have Sea Rescue tomorrow morning (the ex is giving me a lift *raised eyebrows*) and I know by the time I get home my inbox will be bursting again - I'll have responses to all the stuff I sent out etc. Such is life.