April 12th, 2008



Sometimes I seriously drive myself crazy. Two Friday nights ago, I really wanted a hot drink but I didn't get up and make myself one because I couldn't remember when I opened the milk and thus deemed it "off" and what's a milo with no milk? It wasn't till Sunday that I actually checked the packet to discover that the reason I didn't remember opening it was because I frigging well hadn't!

It's for this and a billion other examples why I kinda laugh when people call me organised!

I am sitting here cleaning up my study and forcing myself to go through things specifically in the "keep or junk" process. A lot of this stuff has been left as it was packed up in that "move out the rest of my stuff in 2 hours" thang in December. So ... I've had my ipod what? 2 years now? Possibly longer? I got upgraded and stuff as a special thing when I ordered it and it came in lots of scary ipod shaped boxes. I have NO IDEA why I didn't actually look at all the things when I got it, or maybe I did and didn't know what they were for so put them to one side for later. Well, later is TODAY when I discover I had a fricking power point adapter!!! Ferfucksake - I went overseas with an ipod that I couldn't charge and had to beg other people to power up for me and I had a fricking nice shiny one still in all its shiny wrapping at HOME!


I am so annoying! I put things in the too hard for now basket and then I assume it's too hard and never ever like to go rifling through it. I wonder what the hell else is in that basket.