April 14th, 2008


He just keeps on *rocking*!

That was my exclamation at my parents' house last night to the news that Australia is to have our first Female Governor General. How COOL is that!

I am so proud to be Australian right now and I just love the Rudd machine. He just keeps on truckin'!

Amusingly, my Dad hates the K-07 and spent the rest of the news item trying to work out what the hell "he keeps on rocking!" actually meant whilst my mother, who always keeps up to date with the language of the youth of today, smiled and agreed with me.

2012 Review

Horrorscope has a really great review of 2012 - thank you Mr Chuck McKenzie! (here)

Anthologies are a little like TV sketch-comedy shows, in that you generally end up with a couple of truly magnificent offerings, a bunch of fairly average pieces, and one or two clunkers. That said, 2012 seems to be the anthology that bucks the trend. It’s magnificent from beginning to end, with each and every story a gem in its own right. My prediction: we’ll be seeing a fair swag of specific awards for 2012 and its contents over the next year.

Buy your own copy of 2012 for A$20.

Local Postage

International Postage

Not quite on the game

Am busying myself in order to not think about things till we know exactly what things need to be thought. So am sort of mopping up a lot of lingering TPP tasks. Some people round these parts will be bearing the brunt of that in random and intense moments followed by me vaguing out.

See I sort of have things going on and then ... not ... take for example dinner tonight where I fancied zucchini. I shopped at lunch and ended up creating a pantry at work with about the next 8 lunches sorted plus healthy snacks plus extra caffeinated beverages of various types. I also got some dinner ingredients. Then I checked my post office box and got other things after work. Standing there and cooking it up, I realised I had made a veg spaghetti bolognese with gluten free pasta. And that I would have enough for dinner tomorrow. Yay me. Except ... I forgot about it at the last crucial 5 mins and burnt the bottom.

And that kinda sums up my life at the moment. Going through the motions, distracting myself with details and then getting distracted and forgetting about the details. I am a piscean after all!