April 15th, 2008


What am i reacting to??

So I have not managed to successfully omit whatever the food component is that is causing me symptoms. I have switched to all lactose free milk everywhere - ie brought in some for work since I already drink it at home. Have removed all obvious gluten contributions to my day. But still!!! I am not symptom free.

Is there some kind of less obvious preservative or food enhancer that I am still consuming? Eg, I have switched to an advertised gluten free breakfast cereal which I eat with lactose free milk. And 1 hr afterwards, with nothing else consumed ... I have symptoms. I just checked the ingredients of the cereal - cocoa, a syrup made from maize, a couple of enhancers I'm not used to - I know there's a thickner to avoid and I avoid preservatives in the 330s (and the 220s but that's for hives).

What am I missing?

Bondi Rescue

Since joining Sea Rescue, the show Bondi Rescue has become infinitely more interesting to me.

But I must say, those are some really top blokes.

Getting on with graphic novels

Starting to wet my toe in a bunch of different graphic novels, having never actually read them before.

Some kindly folks have been giving me recommendations and lending me copies to read. My main request is *NO* superheroes and I love it when someone says, "okay, these *are* superheroes ... but not like *that*, you'll like this."

So ... what have I been reading?

I'm about halfway through the volumes of Strangers in Paradise. Sort of a love triangle - he loves her but she loves another gal. After the [removed for spoiler] I think I have lost some of my momentum. But I do like these, apart from all the song lyrics excerpts, I like how it represents women and everyday gal problems.

Y: The Last Man. Setting aside all the ridiculously large (or one) breasted women and the farcical girlfriend on the other side of the world, hiking through Australia in the shortest shorts and a teeny tiny bra top (cause, like it's not hot and we still have our ozone layer over here - NOT!), I am really quite enjoying this series. Why the last man indeed?

Am reading Ghostworld at the moment and am going to be tracking down V for Vendetta next.

But my current passion and why I have been staying up too late reading is: Fables which I believe editormum introduced me to by saying, "look it's about fairytales but it's not ...". And for me to get enthusiastic about fairytales or *gasp* reworking of fairytales, you *know* it's good. But I gotta go now and find out what has happened to Red.

But the thing that has surprised me the most about graphic novels is how long they take to read. I orginally thought they were quite expensive for how much time I would spend with them (which totally discounts the artwork etc) but that has turned out to be entirely untrue. Some of these take quite a while to work through one volume and they are very powerful, even with limited dialogue. I am really quite enjoying them.