April 21st, 2008


On Process

It's so important to figure out how you work or why you are productive when you are and the reverse when you aren't. When you figure all those things out, you can truly increase your own efficiency. Which isn't to say you can figure out how to work 100% of the time at 100% efficiency. Rather, you can ensure that you break for fun when you should and that you really enjoy it rather than pushing yourself to work at times when the work will not be the best you can do and will take so much longer that it ought. I think that might be a justifcation about going and having fun rather than sitting at the desk and procrastinating on the horrible essay you have to write but there you have it: my working philosophy.

So when I am productive, I like to have a look at the surrounding factors to see what has contributed - for future reference. I'm not sure that it is always useful next time but it's still useful sometimes. I know that you can't edit and write at the same time. And when I stopped doing that, years and years ago, both got more efficient and the time taken for tasks was reduced. But only this year have I discovered that I also cannot READ and EDIT. That is, I find I cannot read, even for fun, when I am in the midst of editing.

I got next to no LSS reading done in the first few months of this year which was the height of the editing of 2012 and Shiny Issue 3. At the moment, I am not editing. I am slushing. I'm maintaining ASif! I'm doing lots of administrative type things for Twelfth Planet Press and I'm forward planning and working with writers on forthcoming projects. But I am not sitting down and sending feedback on plot direction, correcting grammar, sorting typos. None of that stuff. And OMG! I am reading voraciously. I've rediscovered the joy of reading. My speed has increased. It's just amazing! I've read a lot of LSS in the last few weeks. I've read a lot of other stuff for fun too. I've churned through it.

I feel like it's a rediscovery of a part of me - the reader. And partly, because of that, I think I can be far more ruthless with LSS. The others are really commenting but it's mostly because I am loving reading right now and don't want to spend (what little) time (I may have in this phase) reading boring stories with no point or with no talent. So I am being very very ruthless. As in - I think I blogged 2 stories out of the 200 or so that I have read recently.

And I LOVE it. Soon I will have to return to editing. We may have all the stories for Shiny Issue 4 and there's another project whose ToC is rapidly filling and soon my reading time may be at an end. But at least, I figure, I am getting through LSS backlog which *should* mean that somewhere this year there will be more time for fun reading? Please let it be so!