April 23rd, 2008


Random news roundup

The Aussie Dollar has broken through the 95c mark - almost makes a girl sign up for a sock yarn club or compose and order from Amazon.

Hillary Clinton wins the Pennsylvanian Primary - this election is never ever ending, is it.

My boobs are not open source - in case that statement was required. Grope me without invitation and expect to hurt in very very personal places.

Harry Potter was not all that spellbound by some Aussie girl - even though two have clamoured to get their phone numbers to him after he said he was looking for it.

The Olympic Torch has touched down in Canberra. You know, I can't embrace its tour of harmony so I'm just gonna ignore it.

You can read Mothers and Monsters by Maureen McHugh for free now over at Small Beer Press - I was kinda annoyed that I bought my copy at WFC and haven't yet gotten to it and now it's free but then I thought ... if I like it, which is why I bought it in the first place, I would rather have the hard copy. And that reminds me to post some time about free online consumption and how that feeds into buying hard copies of media - I do it for music, and I kinda do it with anthologies but the key statement is ... for the work I LIKE.

The six people who captured "Pumpkin's" Dad in the US which got him sent back to NZ to face charges have given a large portion of the reward money to Xue (Pumpkin).

Olympics are political

If I hear one more person say that the Olympics are not political, I think I will have to pick up my flag and start protesting. For heaven's sake! The Olympics HAVE ALWAYS been political. This year is no different! And what pissed me off the most is that when the IOC picked the Beijing bid 8 years ago, they knew *then* that Tibet and the Human Rights violations would be on the agenda in 2008.

And the only frigging people, really, that I seem to have heard trying to get away with "its sport not politics" are athletes or those associated with a sport. There's nothing worse than clueless people promoting a cause and having no idea what they are doing. Take the Sports dude on the Sunrise program this morning who is running in the relay tomorrow: I understand the meaning of the relay ... and for those who understand what it really means ... blah blah blah.

*Do* you understand the meaning? Or do you understand a white washed new meaning that has been superimposed to make it kid-friendly?

Take away the fact that Hitler invented this tradition. Take away the fact that they ran that torch across Poland and France and other places that the Third Reich then invaded. Take away what happened at the Munich Games - which may or may not be political (/sarcasm). Take away the fact that Hitler refused to award the African American winners at his Olympics with the Gold medals that they earned or the protestors who saluted the Black Panthers on the podium decades afterwards. Take away all the political messages and what you get is an event where we tally which country has the fastest, strongest and highest competitors. We have an event that decides who can construct the nicest faciltities, the fastest and slickest pools and marathon routes. Those who can conceal the performance enhancing tools the best (be those drugs, training, lightweight bikes, slick swimming costumes, shock absorbing sneakers) and we determine who is the best country. That's what we tally folks. Who wons the most medals.

The Olympics was part of the cold war after all - it wasn't about arms and conquering space.

The Olympics *are* political. Always have been. Always will be.


What I meant to say

What a lovely welcome speech by Auntie Agnes this morning when she said that the Chinese could "leave their footprints on this country".

So poetic and also quite deep. I like the phrase a lot.


On the upside

I have volunteered to dog sit for a colleague of mine this weekend. Doggie comes over tomorrow night and I shall have a companion whilst I catch up on exciting things like ... work.