April 27th, 2008


Online dating

So I am started to get approached from my profile by a few guys. I'm trying to be really tough and just stick to my own guidelines - if I've said I am interested in reading and you don't read, don't email that our profiles are compatible!

And there's lots of words I think that a lot of men don't realise give them away. For example, I have said I am looking for someone with an open mind and who is a progressive thinker. And then you get pinged by someone, not buff himself, looking for a woman who is "slim to athletic and looks after herself". Yep, uhuh. I remember the bits I hate about this place in life now.

Australia's Next Top Model

OMG! I am also vaguely watching Australia's Next Top Model and one of the girls just got this feedback whilst being told she made it through to the next round: You know what to work on. If you don't fit the clothes, you won't get the jobs.

(And there's me stressing about what photo to upload online - she's like what, a size 8 and not a size 6?)


Science Fiction

Is the show "Heroes" considered science fiction?

I ask because I consider it to be so and it's set in the current day which of course bends the hold we have on our reality and asks us to suspend our disbelief. I don't have any problems with that ... I don't *need* my science fiction to come true or to conform to exactly the rules of now and what can be possible tomorrow. And I often get that as a criticism in SF that I publish - that there's no way that story could be possible thus it's not SF which I guess amuses me that those kind of readers what their science fiction to be science, nonfiction.

I like my science fiction to take an idea and say what if and then jump off from there. I like the plots and background to be thoughtful, and science-based. I like them to them to make me think .. and I guess to dream.

In other news

Do you own this book yet?

Seriously, I think I must have earned my street cred for recs by now - congratulations to Ted Chiang for his Nebula win!

So Tiny Deaths is what I'm reading before going to bed at night this last week. It's the only thing keeping me sane. You've read about most of what's going on in my life and onto that I am trying to get through 40 short stories a day. The only way to do that is to pick the stories you don't think you are going to like. That also reduces the fun aspect of reading. I've started a new rule where for every 4 stories I read, the fifth has to be from a top outlet. That helps *a bit* but what you really need at the end of a day like that, on top of the rest, is to have your faith restored in reading and have someone tell you just a good and interesting story. Last night I didn't notice and I accidentally read 2 shorts before putting the book down!!!

So uh ... yeah ... buy this book if you want some good reading.