April 29th, 2008


Does this joke translate?

With Passover soon upon them, the Jewish community in Madrid found themselves in a desperate situation. There was an acute shortage of horseradish. You probably know that horseradish is the key, if not only, ingredient of that fiery condiment for gefilte fish that is known as chrain.

A hue and cry arose and the entire community was mobilized in an effort to prevent this shonda (shame, tragedy).

All the European Union countries gave the same reply, 'Sorry, we have none to send.'

In desperation, the Rabbi phoned one of his Yeshiva friends in Tel Aviv and begged him to send a crate of horseradish by air freight.

Two days before Passover, a crate of grade Aleph, tear-jerking, Israeli horseradish was loaded at Ben Gurion Airport onto EL Al flight 789 to Madrid, and all seemed to be well.

Unfortunately, when the Rabbi went to the Madrid a irport to claim the horseradish, he was informed that a wildcat strike had just broken out and no shipments would be unloaded for at least four days.

As a result, the chrain in Spain stayed mainly on the plane

What *is* SF

ashamel talks about 2012 and whether the stories meet our objectives set in the Introduction. I should say that I don't think stories are only good if they have something to say about today or social issues etc. I love a good character driven story too.

Two things of important note, most of the reviews of this book take the quality of the stories for granted and talk more about the aims of the book and whether they were met and what we think near future sf should be about. And two, that is probably what we set out to achieve with the book.

So again .. go on over there and discuss with us what you expect when you read science fiction as a genre.

State Pollies

Thanks cricketk for the reminder

I will never forget the heartbreaking moment of Troy Buswell crying tonight as he had to apologise for *sniffing a female employee's chair*. This btw is the leader of the opposition in WA. Why he was crying was because NO ONE in this state will ever vote for a grown man who goes round sniffing chairs and crawling on the floor.

That was the end of his career. Right there. In that moment.

Weirdo creep.


So ... I am currently in a manic phase - I have too much on and not enough time. I am just running around like a madwoman. I owe everyone email replies. I haven't even managed to read all my flist (OMG!). I have had a crazy week at work at it's only Tuesday. Tomorrow I am not in at my desk as I am taking a Defensive Driving Course. That means more getting behind in everything.

On top of all this, I can't seem to sit still at this laptop at home after work. Been getting into Facebook since yo, it's the medium of youth and the communication method of tomorrow. And so ... seems like a good place to like, get stuff out and whatever. But bloody hell you go in there for 5 mins and emerge 5 hours later. On the upside, my cousins are hilarious and it's a great way to online chat with them (and other people - hi J!). (I now have 5 ways you can instantly message or talk to me OMG! And sometimes more than one application beeps at me at once. It's kinda sending me a bit over the edge. Maybe I'm too old for this kind of technology?) Still, surely it's not all bad if you get to catch up with people.

Also, of course, still fine tuning my RSVP profile and also that application sucks out time too!

So arghhhhhhhhhhh - am behind in everything! And this weekend is even more manic with a Bat Mitzvah Sat morn, Sea Rescue shift sat arvo, helping out at the sea rescue quiz nite sat night and then bat mitzvah reception sunday. I should take monday off to recover!

Bloody hell!

On the weekend I managed to take a sizeable chunk of flesh out of my right middle finger in the shower. Yep. It seems, to me, without my glasses on, the shower can be a hazardous place - specifically, squirting facial cleanser out of its tube. I injured myself thusly - I think just in trying to check the tube was empty. Yo. It was. And my finger gushed blood and it hurt. And it still hurts and is not healed yet - I took out several layers of skin in a nice gash.

But it was almost at the point where it didn't sting to, like, shower or, you know, use soap when washing hands. And now it seems I have taken out ANOTHER frigging gash, or just a flap of skin, this time on my left index finger. I think it happened in the very trecherous business of bringing food from the kitchen to the TV room. That's just fucking dangerous, that is. Either that, or whilst trying to talk on the phone, email, update my RSVP profile and chat to my cousin on facebook all at the same time. Which yes I did do but I think my mother might have thought I was in the UK instead of the same suburb what with my 2 sec delay in responses.

I need sleep. Or Vitamins. Or I dunno .. to slow down or something.

Going to bed now.

To read.

Which isn't work.