May 6th, 2008


Whaddya say?

This man for Premier??,23599,23653855-2,00.html
"We finished the meeting (with a constituent), I walked the bloke downstairs and out of parliament, and when I got back I walked into the room to pick up my notepad from the desk and Buswell started grabbing the chairs going 'aahww, which one did you sit in? I'll be able to tell'," she said.

"And then he picked them up and started sniffing them and groaning and making sexually satisfying noises. I went, 'you're sick, knock it off', and grabbed my staff and walked out, but he didn't pay attention to a word I said."

The woman said she was standing with colleagues about 10 minutes later when one of them knocked on Mr Buswell's door to ask one of his staff to lunch.

"Buswell opened the door really wide, grabbed a chair and started sniffing it, lifted it above his head sniffing it and breathing in, going `aaww yeah'," the woman said.

"It was awful. My colleagues, the four men I worked with, were just stunned into silence."


Aha moments

#1: A hot bath with lots of bubbles and lovely oils, a pineapple juice and Neil Gaiman's M for Magic really will help you to relax and destress (thanks - editormum)

#2: Turning off all options to instant chat in all online programs really will increase your productivity and help you to feel less overwhelmed and stressed - reduced inbox by 50 emails last night and got to some long overdue ASif! things (thanks - kathrynlinge)