May 12th, 2008


Sobering thoughts

In 46 days I am getting on a plane to fly to the Middle East.

46 DAYS!!! How the hell did this happen? I *know* I just made a big to do list that was kind of focused on wrapping up a lot of stuff before then but STILL! 46 DAYS?! I'm not ready! There's so much I have to do.


So ... I'll be reporting weekly on the size of my to do list - hopefully the page count will reduce. We'll see.

Pimp your stuff!

What are y'all reading right now? Come and pop past and tell me what you are enjoying or have enjoyed reading this year (all works, great and small!).

Is it just me or is Asimov's having a very off year this year?

I must admit to so far being very uninspired by short fiction published this year. I still have about 660 shorts in the spreadsheet to read - maybe all the good ones are in that lot?


A LEADING Jewish group says it is disgusted by an anti-Semitic email purportedly sent by a Victorian Liberal campaign director.

In the latest shot fired in an internal party war that has the Liberals reeling, the email - forwarded from campaign officer John Osborn - allegedly showed state campaign manager Susan Chandler making the reference to Liberal Party candidate Adam Held.

The email referred to Mr Held as a "greedy f****ing Jew" after he asked for more campaign material.,23599,23684354-2,00.html

The Liberal Party, yet again, shows us the cutting edge thinking of 1937.