May 15th, 2008


Cut down to size

Ahhh .. Facebook... I dunno when I signed up for the Sparkey application but I seem to be getting emails telling me about people wanting to date me.

Here's todays:

In total, you were reviewed for dating 32 times and one person expressed interest in you.
You are more desirable than 45% of 30,719,465 people.

Recently you were viewed 3 times and no people expressed interested in you.



Is anyone else starting to think we are players in someone else's sf episode where they keep jumping forward in time? I keep blinking and hours have whizzed by. It's crazy.

Yesterday I got a lovely package from Amazon - I had completely forgotten what I had ordered. So I unwrapped a surprise - V for Vendetta and the Watchmen. Both sizeable volumes. But I just remembered how sick I felt at a couple of spots in V for Vendetta at the cinema. I wonder if it'll be bedtime reading for me.

I MUST GO TO BED NOW! Even though I lost hours to You Tube tonight and got nothing done. I haven't headed off to bed before midnight once in the last fortnight which means I haven't gone to sleep before 1am. But late night TV has suddenly become really interesting!

Going now.

Happy Birthday to angelaina - love your work!