May 19th, 2008


Shiny Blog Buffy Retro

Just a quick notice to point you in the direction of the Shiny blog over at blogspot where we've been posting on Buffy Season 1. I have finally wrapped it up with a post on Prophecy Girl.

We are welcoming Rachel to the blogging fold who will be stepping in to join me on the rest of the journey. Rachel's summary of Season 1 has been posted today. She and I are reworking the format and we should have our first post for Season 2 up later this week.

I must say that it was a bit gruelling revisiting the show from so early a point. It's been a very long time since I have watched it from the very first episode onwards. I'm looking forward to the journey from Season 2 onwards and have already really enjoyed the eps in this season I have watched to write my commentary on. There's so much fun ahead. It sometimes is kinda hard to reel it in and stay focussed. I'm looking forward to seasons 4 onwards because I have watched them the least. Also Angel which I'm not sure I have rewatched in any serious fashion. And of course I am interested in my reaction to The Body which I have only ever viewed just once.

Join us on the journey! We should be back to posting two eps a week as of this week.