May 24th, 2008


I really do like firemen

As an addendum to my other post the other day, I was in a situation today where we had to call a fire engine - yes, this is my life now where that probably wasn't even the most interesting thing that happened to me today.

And even though there were other bystanders who were watching out for naked flames etc ... I totally stuck around, and made my friend stick around, just so that we could be there when the truck arrived.

I totally am a sucker for the uniform. I would never have thought that about myself.

Situation was easily taken in hand by capable firefighters and we went on our merry way.


This afternoon I dropped off the very first batch of Twelfth Planet Press books ordered for a bookstore. It was a really exciting moment.

So that means, you can now purchase 2012 from Fantastic Planet!

Great Day!

So, today, after much planning, was my and C's day at the Quilt and Craft Fair. After two years of running round like madwomen in our lunch hour(ish)s we decided last year that we would go on a Saturday. And we would take our time, take coffee breaks and sit down as we liked, and take the day as our leisure day out. And today was finally the day. We spent 6 hours at the fair.

I must declare that I have been on a craft diet this year - in fact, since my trip to NY and London last year. I have not bought one craft related item. I don't even think I have bought additional or necessary items. I did not even renew my Socks that Rock sock club membership - this was a tough one. I have been on a blanket (heh) craft ban.

And the Quilt and Craft Fair was always going to be the only exception for, I think, the year.

So ... BIG Day!

How'd I do? No photos cause I think I still have to start many of the projects I bought last year. Why put that out there for next year? I haven't looked at how near the budget I came. I bought my Mum some presents too and you know, there are no receipts at Craft Fair - what happens at Craft Fair stays at Craft Fair. Also, if you are at Craft Fair, you must buy fat quarters.

So ... I still had a ban on crosstitch kits cause ... don't even ask how many years of sewing I have in my cupboard (and how many framed stitched things can one person have on walls in their house before it's weird?). This ban has not been breached.

I bought ... a loooooot of fabric! I bought two lots of packs of black and white fabrics (one pack was 40 charm squares and the other was I think a pack of 6 Eighth strips). I bought another small charm pack of Moda fabrics in reds I think. I also got two small palettes of Jinny Beyer fabrics. I got a Folded Kimono pattern (wayyyyyyyyy cool - the kimono is created through folding and you applique it onto the square. It remains 3-D). I got another sweet Japanese fabics table runner kit - I'm going to make that into a wall hanging I think. It has a focal piece of material (whites with gold leaf pattern) and then steeple chase or church spire squares round the edges (I forget which pattern it is). I also bought another pack of Japanese fabrics cause they were too nice to leave there. No plans for that stash. And I bought a cushion cover to make from Sanshi (check them out online if you have not already - they are stunning) which specialises in kits made up of vintage kimonos.

I think that's all. Not *too* bad.