May 26th, 2008


List system

I'm still loving my list system. Last week I managed to tick 12 items off my week list which was 43 items long. The week before that I got about the same number done off a list of about 50 items.

I just consolidated my Master Task list down, removing items completed and the 12 page list is now 10 pages long. And that's with adding a few things here and there. I am quite pleased with that.

There you go

My Dad is pretty cool. If he *ever* laughs at me again for thinking big or at where I get inspiration or what I think I can achieve, I'm going to remind him of this project he is just on the verge of getting up and running.

I will blog more about it when there is something to blog because I *know* you all will want to do something too.

I just wanted to note that we are a lot more alike than we would think and that he has been an enormous influence on me and my morals and politics, whether he agrees with the end point, or not!


On my Master to do list is to buy a new spice every week. Seems a weird thing I guess but the spice rack was the exs and I had bought all my spices to fill those canisters. It seemed petty so I left them there.

But that left me with pretty much an empty pantry and I've been kinda living the bachelor life. That's no fun and it also makes cooking hard and thus not done. Also ... I keep thinking it'd be embarrassing to let someone cook in my kitchen for me (except punkrocker1991 but he doesn't count. And he grumbled loudly enough anyway).

So .. today I bought dill.



You can also now find some shiny new copies of 2012 at the delightful Planet Book store in Perth!

That store just gets more and more alluring. I tried to avoid noticing the lovely couches one could sit in and peruse certain papery goodnesses. But you should not! You should rush in now and buy the book!



Yeah I got caught in a weird reading loop tonight. Accidentally read 37 shorts so far tonight. Yes, my eyes hurt but I started out with a headache.

My favourite thing in flash fiction is where the author's bio is longer that the story.