May 28th, 2008



They have a dog in the Big Brother house and it is soooooooo cute.

Also a friend at work got a puppy this weekend also soooooooo cute.

Both lab or part lab.

It's a sign.

Did I blog that I put my hand up to rescue a dog last week but she got a home elsewhere? I have my name down on their list. Technically I should go away first then come home and look at adopting a pooch.

Return of the knitting blog!

My knitting blog, gjknits, is back up and running. I see my last post is in late October ... wow! A lot has happened since then. I lost a bit of my crafting mojo in the interim. But she's back! And so is the blog! And I think I finally worked out how to use my camera.

I'm committing to daily, if I can, photos of my work in progress. We'll see how we go! If you're interested, I have an lj syndication of the blog here: