May 30th, 2008


So how'd I go?

I. Cannot. Walk. Today.


I've had some tough sessions this year that have made walking tough but yesterday I did a really hard pilates class (lemme just say staying in the plank for like 5 mins whilst holding a ball between your thighs and then doing like a gazillion oblique stomach raises whilst lying on your side on a ball ... omg) and then I had the training sesssion for like another hour last night.

I could barely walk today. Every single muscle in my legs was crying.

It was great! In fact, the best bit was realising this morning that I didn't have to pack in sports clothes to take with me today! Yes! (Bet that doesn't last forever, either)

Anyway. I got weighed. Let's not speak of it. I got all my measurements taken. Let's not speak of that either except to say, did y'all notice I was lopsided and not think to mention it to me??? Well at least these will be able to tell me if I'm changing size if not weight. I also had some prison-style photos taken. I never ever want to see what my arse looks like from that angle.

Then I did a fitness test. Hmmm.. I didnt much mind the upper body and core ones - she even said I was quite strong in the upper body! Which is good considering I've been focussing on that in the gym in order to use it for both yoga and sea rescue. And then the other, more aerobic ones which were hideous - a loooot of jumping. Yucko. Then we finished the session with weights and stretching.

I must say that I really like the one on one attention. It worked for Calculus in high school - there were 2 of us in the class! I love it in yoga. And I really like it on the boat. I lke to be corrected on technique so that I don't waste time in life thinking I know how to do something and doing it completely wrong. All my weight lifting was watched and corrected and encouraged. And I loved it!

So ... that was session one! Session two is going to involve running. Up stairs. Let's discuss that later.