June 2nd, 2008


I love data - it's what I do

Brimstone Press conducted a survey in April of Aussie spec fic readers. Some of the results are posted here: http://ozhorrorscope.blogspot.com/2008/06/news-brimstone-press-publishing-survey.html

140 people responded to the survey, which according to Shane was advertised in the following places: HorrorScope, ASif!, the Southern Horror, Visions, CSFG, and Stromatolights Yahoo Groups, and various blogs and websites.

By far, to me, the most interesting result is this one:

Do reviews influence your decision to purchase a book, magazine, or DVD?
Yes: 67%
No: 33%

Because, if that's true, then what we all spend a lot of time doing - reading, reviewing and publishing reviews, is being used as a tool for buying and reading books and magazines. The only niggly thing is that ... I think the sample set is predisposed to this answer - surely this survey was less likely to hit people who don't care about reviews since the places that advertised the survey were ... reviews websites, by and large.

Still, lots of food for thought because 140 is not a bad hit rate for the Aussie scene.

Road Trip: Wave Rock

Got back just over an hour ago. Thought I'd blog, then I'm off to bed. What a way to spend a public holiday but sooooo sad it's work again tomorrow.

After a 10.5 hour road trip, punkrocker1991 and I saw Wave Rock. Where is this icon? Here.
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We took a one hour stopover in York for coffee and books. And we also stopped in Bruce Rock, cause, yo, it's called *Bruce Rock*.

Wave Rock was cool - I was really glad to finally see it. It's bigger than I thought it was and we found some really cool pools on the top of the rock, which you can also climb.

Was sooo great to get away and put myself in perspective with the universe. I might even feel energised! More tomorrow.