June 3rd, 2008


And yet the day started so well ...

... I got into work at 8.30 this morning which is almost unheard of. I sent and received a lovely confirming text for my date on Saturday night. I had a really interesting workshop thing about personal development this morning (why I was in early). Pushed myself in the gym this evening even though I really didn't feel up to it.

Then I get home and find that my fridge and freezer have died.


More on Wave Rock

So ... Wave Rock is like out in the middle of the Wheatbelt in the middle of kind of nowhere. It's not really on the way to anywhere unless you make a detour past it on the way to somewhere else. It's about 3.5 hours drive east-ish of Perth. But punkrocker1991 and I were looking for a one day roadtrip and he gave me a map and said "pick something". I've always wanted to see this rock but as I said, it's not on the way to anywhere. So ... seemed like a good choice to put forward - punkrocker1991 was really great, and even thought he'd seen it before, he charted a course and checked his car for oil and pumped up the tyres and whatever you do to ready a car, and he also brought snacks! I brought snacks too (although he remembered the water!) so we actually could have camped somewhere and done a second trip with all our chocolatey goods.

We had some good music and the passenger's job was to make sure it kept coming. Sometimes we talked. Sometimes we looked at the scenery - miles and miles of cleared farming land but vast horizons and the most beautiful sky I have seen in a long time. Just us out on the open road. No internet. No email. No phone reception. No chores to be run. It was extremely freeing. And although tiring in the end, I really did feel energised by it.
And I had the most amazing thought as I fell asleep last night - I saw something NEW! Yesterday was totally about discovering something I had never seen before and changing the way I see things. It was great! I almost felt like I'd been on holidays!

See that dark green line? It's the pathway of ants moving across that lichen - taking food from one side of the rock to the other.

Changing my perspective - here is another pool on the topside of the rock. There were a lot of tadpoles in this pool, a few moving around, growing legs. They might even be endemic to this little rockpool. I wonder if they would ever enjoy the view.