June 5th, 2008


On Clinton

Some people about the place are thoroughly enjoying Clinton's impending resignation from the race. I am utterly disappointed and heartsick about it. Personally, the end of the dream to see a female in the White House at the end of this year being over is not something I'm going to get over lightly.

Kelly Green had some good words to say about it.

The thing that has been the hardest to hear about Clinton is not attacks about her policies, of which I hear few, but of her - that she is ambitious for example. That's one I heard the other day. And it left me wondering - shouldn't "ambition" be a quality we look for in a world leader? People don't like Clinton because they don't like seeing traditionally male characteristics on a woman. They're actually, though, characteristics required for the job and to me, it's just yet again, in my face, a place where equality is not yet something we as a society have achieved.

So, if Obama wins the selection, I will be happy. It's an amazing historical event and it does mark how far we have come and he promises much. But I think I will always be tempering that with the bittersweet longing of how much further we could have gone. Do I think he is inspirational? Yes. He speaks very well. He speaks of hopeful and uplifting dreams. The problem for me though is he has no track record for having delivered any - not voting at all in the vote to go to Iraq, for example, is not the same thing as having voted against it. Decisions, after all, are made by those who show up.



Tonight is Sex and the City night !!! I wonder if we can smuggle in some alcopops - seems like it would be appropriate.


Deep Breathe

Okay .. so ... just to post where I am and why I may not be prompt with the emails over the next few days, this is my schedule:

Now - pushing through a big deadline ... 40 mins, can I get it done?
After Work - run around and get all urgent chores done
7.30pm Dinner with K
9.30pm Sex and the City
11.45pm? Sort out what I need for tomorrow

7.45 am Train to Mandurah
All day field trip
5pm - I hope! Come home
Get cash for weekend
Only spot in weekend to do personal weekend ish things. FIND PAPER 3

8am Jacob's Ladder - Personal Training Session
9.30am Open house for B
11am Hair Dresser
2.30pm 6 weekly meet up with schoolfriends
5.30 pm kicked out, go home and shower!!
Some time in this evening I apparently have a date but that's all the details I have - where? when? what? Apparently not important.

9am Breakfast in Freo with work friends, debrief
10am Thesis session
6pm? Home, try and remember my name. Call K for debrief.
Wash clothes. Remember gym gear for Monday.

so it looks like I still won't have a working fridge. And I have broken my glasses - did I mention that? No idea when I can get that fixed either.

A really good day

Life is funny - great days come in all shapes and sizes.

Today was one.
I finally signed off on something at work that has been a thorn in my side since the second week of this job, some 6 months ago.
I got my work cardigan - and today was very cold.
Pilates was tough but fair.
There was great coffee.
There were laughs and friends and trading of stories.
There was political talk.
There was babalon_93 - she knows why. (Thank you. I will email you).
There was a first phone call. The first sound of a voice I hope to hear many many more times and the arrangement of the first of I hope many dates. To see a foreign film. With subtitles.
There was dinner with a dear, much-loved friend. And Sex and the City. And pink champagne.

And lots of thoughts. Big and small.

Life isn't at all how you think it will be.
But I'm glad it's bigger and better than I imagined.