June 15th, 2008


Alien Space

Last night I went over to visit the boy. He was supposed to be studying so I took some work in an attempt not to be distracting by reading quietly in a corner.

I'm totally not used to having someone be so interested in me and what I do. The first thing, almost, that he does when I walk in is take the books out of my hands and look over them all with: your work looks more interesting than mine (last short story reading and a review book). His work was interesting just fine.

I spent most of last night laughing. I can't remember the last time I laughed for hours on end. His sense of humour just tickles me. I can't even join in and play half the time because I am laughing so hard.

Again, a very late night of talking - I could listen to him forever I think and not get bored. It's like he switches on my brain and suddenly I've never been more alert.

Also, he gives the best cuddles.


Much love to editormum who is fussing around behind the scenes of my life for me right now.

So ... after a somewhat dramatic sea rescue shift - yo, it's windy and rainy and freezing today and I accidentally dropped my glasses over the edge of the boat and watched them gently slip into the waters below and a lovely new member of crew went home, got dive gear and went in to fetch them (OMG I am so embarrassed and am sending myself to bed early tonight) - I have some final moments of my weekend in order to catch up with my life.

I have been lucky to finally have had my fridge moved into my kitchen and the old one out. So I have to wash all those bits and pieces and sort that out. I have soooooooooooooo much TPP backlog to get through. And to sort out next week's to do list. But mostly I am sleepy and thinking about dinner (any minute gonna do that) and TV.

Yesterday I finally bought a dress for the wedding in Israel. It's royal blue, three quarter length with flowy-ness and some pretty speccie straps that you can fiddle with (make them halter or flip them round into all sorts of Grecian type things). Now I just need ... the rest of stuff I have to pack.

I also had a lovely long coffee and chat with battblush yesterday at my favourite coffee shop in the city. Was such a good talk - she totally inspired me into some new potential projects. More on those later I guess.