June 22nd, 2008



I have no idea what was going on yesterday but boy did my head end up in a bad place by last night. I don't think I was much fun last night ... hmmm... I think it's just all getting to me - time is rapidly diminishing to get things done, things aren't actually getting done and I dunno. It's all a bit overscheduled, I spose. Too much to do, not enough time to do it in. And on top of it all, people seem to think this is a good weekend to push me out of my comfort zone. So what did I do? Drank half a bottle of wine on an empty stomach. Not the best solution since I had trouble sleeping later on.

Grrr. Anyway. Onwards I spose.

Crazy weekend

Or .. why I haven't finished my homework yet, Miss.

Friday night was a lovely dinner at my uncle and aunt's, hosted by my parents, and the first of many wedding celebrations. We were all the closest you could get to the actual couple, which amused me more than anyone else. Still, the wine was nice, the food was good, the desserts were plenty and I got to chat with me sister and her husband who I rarely see these days.

Then I did the drunk dial callout and ended up in bed by about 1.30am.

Saturday morning was another training session with kathrynlinge and our trainer. It was very very cold. And a little too early for that kind of caper, for me, but I enjoyed it by the end. We did some more boxing, which I am really enjoying, and then some fitball work. I am feeling a bit of that today, I must admit. And a couple of sessions ago I admitted that one of my goals was to be able to do "proper pushups". You probably shouldn't tell trainers that kind of thing cause then they like make sure they work that into the sessions! But still, it'd be cool if I could - like, for in case I ever go to prison, I feel I need to know how to do em. I MUST find my own fitball which is somewhere in this house (probably with my ipod) and blow it up and start doing lots of the exercises she's been showing us. Cause that way, I really could get my "proper" pushups happening. I think though, the very best bit of the session for me, was doing situps and looking at the vast, blue blue sky. How can you feel bad on such a crisp, clear morning?

Then I had to rush home, change and head off to freo for a shift. The shift was long but also, the very best bit was watching the sunset out over the ocean and seing all the boats gently come in after a day out. You really would be hard pressed to find a better view than the one in that tower.

And then the boy ban was officially lifted, and I had someone very lovely to share my bottle of wine and talk over the day with.

Despite the fact that I felt like I pulled a muscle in my head, it really was a beautiful day. I liked the way it ended, the best.

Today, after a slow start - which also included being introduced to a pet bird at *very* close range - I am choofing off to visit punkrocker1991 and lyzbeth and then popping past my parents who are having an afternoon tea. If I'm very lucky, I'll not have to cook dinner tonight!

Soooooooo much still to do before I go. I'm still tossing up between only taking "fun" reading and also taking some work as well. cassiphone told me "to take a HOLIDAY" the other day. And really, I should. But on the other hand, sometimes it feels better to have gotten on top of things. And also, sometimes my head gets into a place where it is really good for work type thinking. I mean, of course, *taking* work and *doing it* are always two different things. I just don't want it to mean that schlepping all that paper reduces my ability to acquire shopping.


Well... my afternoon was highly productive. I did indeed get fed such that I don't need dinner.

And I have worked it all out ... laptop is coming with me. So I will load it up with music, podcasts and reading and see whatever happens. I guess I'll take a fun book too and then get some mags at the airport. Maybe I'll download some of the Tor ebooks too. Not going to take any craft. Going to take some TPP work and some LSS reading.

I do feel somewhat "bad" that I'm not taking a "holiday" as such, but I couldn't really work out what that would actually mean, reading-wise. I might take one NF book and one non-genre fiction book. Just in case I wanna read non "work" stuff but ultimately I spose that's just a side-effect of having "work" that's part of your fun. Plus, I've lost tonnes of time in the last month and am starting to feel bad about some of the things that are sliding. And maybe with less choice of activities, I'll get a bit ahead of my workload.

So that just leaves me with a short to do list then to get myself sorted which is definitely making me feel better. Currently am updating my podcasts. Phew! Am glad that's sorted now!

Now I just have to get my work done in the final 3 workdays I have left!