June 23rd, 2008


Changing my point of view

I love yoga. Love it. And am sad that was my last class for a while. I must be sure I do a few salutes to the sun whilst away.

But today!?! We did handstands!!! And I did one. Not unassisted but a handstand all the same!

I'm going to practice that at home now.


And back to the grindstone! Forgot I was leaving at 4pm today for an appointment. Eek!


I have been living life a wee bit too large.

Have had a sore throat all day today. And maybe it was sore yesterday too.

*concentrates on not getting sick*


Huh. That was Monday then.

Next Monday I will be in Tel Aviv. huh.

I got Task 1 off my desk and up the next beaurocratic layer. Task 2 was the one I freaked out on but I have drafted the notes for the memo. That will get typed up first thing tomorrow. Task 3 has a spanner in the works. We'll see about that one.

2 days left, 3 big tasks ... hmmm .. the maths still don't look like adding up.

Finished the day with counselling. Was interesting and as usual I have some things to think about. That's good.

And now off to pop past the boy's place - I don't have the time really for it, but next week I won't be able to do that if I want to. And I know I'll want to *smiles*