June 24th, 2008



Woot Number 1: my desk is starting to look more sparse, I can even see tabletop in sections of it and my intray is now half the size it was this morning! Yay! Still, though, have to actually finish tasks 2 and 3 today.

Woot Number 2: I have just bitten the bullet and handed over the reigns of ASif! to my shiny subeditor from now until I get back. This is step 1 in my process of delegating in order to be able to be more sensible about my actual workloads. Call it a trial, if you will (not of the subeditor, who rocks, but of me not needing to oversee every dotting of the i and crossing of the t).

Small steps, my friends, small small steps.

A quick tour of the news at lunch

Oh that's nice, eh?
AUSTRALIANS are fatter, drunker and have more sexually transmitted diseases than ever before, but access to doctors is falling

A WINDOW cleaner has survived a nine-storey fall from a Gold Coast tower with only ankle injuries and a super "wedgie" from his harness.


MARY-KATE and Ashley Olsen are rumoured to not be getting on. The 22-year-old twins have reportedly organised separate meetings for their clothing line so they won't have to see each other.

"Something happened between them, and they haven't worked it out. It's been going on for a while," a source told the New York Post.


It kinda feels like the last day of school term already!


I'm not sure which bit of this story is more insulting:

SWISS television station SRG has apologised for mistakenly putting the words of the old Nazi Germany national anthem as subtitles instead of those of the present German one before the Euro 2008 Group B match with Austria on Monday.

Both the Nazi version and the present-day one come from the same song, 'das Deutschlandlied' composed by August Heinrich Hoffmann in 1841 from music by Austrian composer Joseph Haydn.

"It is an inexcusable error," one of those in charge of the subtitling service for the station told Blick, though he added it was the fault of two young female editors.




So Task 3 is not gonna be finished today. Darn it!! But I got myself a semi-reprieve (read palm off) for Task 4 so I may just very well make it out of here alive.

I've also organised vegetarian food for my plane flights, paid some bills, sorted out ASif! and started my "contact details" notes for important things like where the hell my hotel is and stuff. My inbox is down to a mere 43 which is extremely excellent for me!! And I am staring at the clock seeing gym-o-clock rapidly approaching.

Now I just need clean underwear, music downloads, last short story reading on my laptop, final to do lists to be written etc etc etc.

Tomorrow I am spending the evening with the boy and am looking forward to that - we are off to see Macbeth (Double double toil and trouble!) And then on Thursday I shall run around like a mad woman.

I guess I am starting to get excited. Sorta thinking about duty free shopping and things. And ... I'm gonna be in Eretz Yisrael this weekend! Where it is 30 degrees and all my fam are congregating.


I of course did not take my washing off the line and it is pouring down now. Doh! I am *so* annoying like that. Why does it take me the longest time to do the smallest, easiest of tasks?


Something just happened and I got sucked into some highly productive work void. Maybe it was the Nexus?

I just watched 2 episodes of Buffy and wrote commentary for 3 eps, parcelled up a bunch (about 15) ASIf! review copies, sorted out a few 2012 orders, downloaded so many podcasts to my laptop that I had to stop cause 8GB don't fit onto a 4 GB Nanopod, downloaded a tonne of anthos and novels onto this laptop to take with me, catalogued the hard copy short stories I am taking with me, sorted out my coffee table paper mess, sorted out my dining room table paper mess, did my laundry, worked out a tonne of paperwork and sorted out some slush.

And like, my house is oddly tidy with clear tabletops, my inbox is 23 (I don't think it's been that low since a day after I opened the account) and I feel kind of on top of things.


It occurs to me that most of the time I never get that feeling of accomplishment because I never have less work on the next day. That's surely not sustainable.

ETA Oh yeah - I tried this crazy thing at dinner today where I doubled up the proteins. And I started my day with two hairy lemons. Huh. Vitamins and protein. What a revelation! *grins*