June 27th, 2008


Well hello there!

Here I am sitting at the Dubai International Airport with our flight delayed a couple of hours. I don't spose I have all that much to report yet. We left at a very unseemly hour - cab came at 3am and we were boarding our plane at 5am. The flight was *very* long. 11 frigging hours. I managed to get 2 hours sleep before the taxi arrived and really, have been in training for a couple of weeks now for living on not much shut eye.

I watched 3 movies, read two thirds of Sideways in Crime and something new from a new Aussie writer (of the unnamed project variety). Emirates had *excellent* entertainment available - tones of great albums to listen to, I finally saw Juno, Step Up 2 The Steets and Definitely, Maybe. The food was pretty good actually - I ordered vegetarian and was like honestly shocked every time it came that I would eat that (although it was the vegan, gluten free meals which I didn't order and you never get good desserts on those - nor milk for your coffee). The lady behind me was sick as we landed and that was unpleasant. Also the man in front of me was someone I worked for at work last year, which was weird.

That's all for now. Couldn't find the Starbucks here but had a good coffee anyway. Bought my alcohol limit at Perth Airport and left that there to pick up on the way past. Am deciding what perfume I need and will buy that here on the way home.

Two more flights to go tonight but both relatively short. More when I have something to say.