July 12th, 2008


Come Down

So I think I may have holiday peaked a couple of days ago and now am in post-overload. Yesterday we visited the Dolmabahce Sarayi for a very over the top palace decorating experience. D has the best photos on his camera and I might blog that one after he downloads and sends them (including a 4500kg chandelier - to be experienced, I assure you). Parts of the palace dabbled in New Orleans Whorehouse - too much?! Oh no!!! Never!!!

And pretty much, I have faded, to be honest. And even on that tour I had a headache and was less than enthusiastic. We are possibly venturing out this afternoon to see some Modern Art and maybe the Whirling Dervishes tonight. I am rather over it all now, and fear I wouldn't be able to appreciate anything, no matter how utterly fabulous or brilliant.

My phone seems to not be receiving the boy's texts - and only the boy's, which has led to moments of annoying paranoia, showing me I still have stupid fuckedupness left over from the ex. Curses.

I have repacked my suitcase and I believe I have fitted most of everything in. As long as nothing breaks, I will be happy.

P has moved to the conference hotel.

I don't much feel enthusiastic to do work, though much of it is strewn across this desk and on this laptop.

I am so annoyed by the staff at this hotel, that doing anything is tiresome. And I loathe the menu here.

See? I am ready to come home now.