July 13th, 2008


Saturday in Istanbul

Still no pics as I am running out of desire to pay 3 Euros for an hour internet.

Yesterday we were really kind of lazy. Had breakfast and then went back to our rooms till noon. I read ... yum. And the boy regained contact by using this novel thing called the phone!!! And it turns out that he was getting just as antsy since he was writing these long essay texts and only receiving my progressively terse unrelated texts back. The phonecall fixed all!

We motored on into town with A&J who have joined our caravan and they took us off to a place they found for lunch - on a rooftop overlooking the 'bul. Was utterly divine. Then D and I headed off in another direction, which will remain unblogged - some things that happen in Turkey, stay in Turkey.

And we showed up at the Whirling Dervishes at 7pm. D liked the Derlishes. I was grossed out most of the time because the man two seats down from me kept touching me whilst also touching his girlfriend. When I moved my chair over, she followed. She also kept leaning into my personal space. I put my paper bag on my lap, covering my arm and they stil didn't get the message everytime they frigging touched the bag! Anyway, the Derlishes were cool - they certainly knew the technique of the whirl. However, I'm not totally sold since I am fairly sure they were also the guys who were outside selling tickets and they didn't really look entranced to me. Still - was cool to watch them spin for a long time and then stop immediately.

Then we met up with A&D for dinner at another rooftop restaurant. The view was breathtaking, sitting in and amongst the Ayasofia and the Blue Mosque. On the way to meeting up, we passed a square and I looked up and there was the Blue Mosque, coloured sky of the setting sun and the clouds and it almost looked like a backdrop. Just the most amazing city with so many amazing architecture in every direction.

We barely survived the cab ride home which was most frightening due to the speed and terrifying as the driver had no idea where our hotel was and didn't speak English.

Modern Art is on the agenda today.