July 16th, 2008


If it's Wednesday, I must be back home

... and enjoying my day off (and doing my laundry).

Ahh yes ... the man, I have to unpack it now look... I'm not really going to talk much about the flight home. My suitcase was ridiculously over-weight and what happens in Istanbul International Airport stays in ... ITA. It was expensive and I feel pretty bad about it. *And* the bag was pretty heavy to schlepp too! A nice man in the Istanbul Airport kindly helped me take it off one of the security stops and a nice lady in Perth airport helped me take it off the baggage carousel.


Flights weren't too bad - read something truly excellent whilst waiting for my flight to Dubai and then into the flight. I got a window seat next to two nice men. Vegetarian meal was decent and I *finally* watched 3 of the 4 eps of Pushing Daisies which D had been watching and telling me how good the show is. Yep, it's pretty good but they only had 4 random episodes, and missed a few in between each, which was pretty weird.

I had a ridiculous transfer in Dubai - landed at 1.25 am and my flight boarded at 1.50 am. Was a bit stressed as I couldn't bear a wait if I missed my plane. Didn't miss it which was good - but still had hand luggage stress with my laptop backpack AND my carpet bag. I had my candelsticks in the carpet bag and sat with them in my lap for both flights home. I hate stressing about getting enough over head luggage space and the middle east is pretty crap for it - everyone flies with lots and lots and noone feels at all bad about taking up your space and other people's as well. But it all sorted itself out and I had nice people in all my seat areas to help me out with that (I'm short ... just leave it alone). Got an aisle seat. Didn't like the guy next to me. Meh. Mostly slept in one hour shifts. Watched the last Pushing Daisies and also 27 Dresses.

Landed early in Perth which was nice. And for some reason I got a free pass out of the customs check, after standing for about 15 mins or more for the first half of the line. I was all "I should go where?" And he's like pointing and gesturing to the "OUT" sign. I could hardly believe it!

My Mum picked me up and took me home where she'd cleaned out my fridge, collected all my mail and put fresh milk, bread, crumpets, fried fish, frozen veggies and dips in my fridge for me! How lovely is that!


The boy came over later on and helped me me unwrap my carpet:


and we checked to make sure nothing broke on the flights home. Nothing did and after paying for excess baggage, I am *SO* glad!

And today I slept for most of it. Met my sister and Mum for coffee. Drove to my Nana's to pick my Mum up where my battery in my car died. And so had to get that sorted out too.


It's the small moments I think

So my car battery died today. Actually it was good that it happened today because it was a day off and relatively easy and simple to fix and I wasn't out at Sea Rescue at the end of a shift in the dark or something. My Mum was already getting a car serviced so we already had to go to pick that up - my sister's FIL is our mechanic so he happily drove me back to my Nana's to jumpstart it, then followed me back to his workshop where he and his other son fixed it all up. Took maybe an hour and it's sorted. "That's what it means to be part of a big family" he told me. And it is, and it's a pretty darn good feeling.

It was only after we were back at the workshop that I mentioned on the way to picking up the car, we had driven past the ex. They muttered a few things that were ... nice in my direction :-) But the funny thing was ... we were at a stop sign and the ex was at the opposite one and it took me most of that time we were stopped to figure out who it was - the face registered as "familiar" only and I was racking my brain to think who it was. And then at the moment just after I realised, I saw that he had twigged it was me and I looked away. I didn't need to acknowledge and I didn't need for him to acknowledge me. I realised that I don't to be friends with him. I don't like him and I don't like *who he is* as a person. I don't allow people like that to bring down the high standard that is my group of friends. And I just don't care. It is totally over for me and I felt absolutely nothing. And it felt GREAT. Downside is that there was someone else in the car but I spent the whole time trying to figure out who he is (I should say he got a new car after he broke up with me so it doesn't trigger for me) and so, if it was the new "Lady" I didn't check her out. Nothing to report about that.

So that's that. :-)


And *this* was in my pile of mail today:


So excited!! It looks every bit as slick in hard copy as it does online. I've had just a quick flick through it and am looking forward to sitting down with a coffee and having a good read of it. I especially like the spread of Rob Hood!!! And there's lots of comps and fun things too. And also I see the lovely Jensen Ackles and yummy Jared Padalecki are on the front cover of Issue 2. Subscribe to be in the draw for $1000 or better yet, ensure distribution by getting it from your newsagent. I'm really excited and interested to see where this mag goes in the future.


Coffee Corner

Starbucks Turkish Coffee


I'm not admitting anything other than the fact that I did try a Turkish Coffee in Starbucks. How could I not? My scientific curiosity got the better of me. And for the record, it was most certainly the worst Turkish Coffee I had in Turkey, or indeed anywhere.

But it has also kickstarted a new side project for me.

I am now officially in search of the best cup of coffee a person can drink. I'm gonna be looking into all sorts of coffees and methods for preparation and I'll be randomly updating here with my conquests. Stay tuned fellow caffeine addicts and coffee lovers and feel free to throw suggestions my way!