July 17th, 2008


Can you hear it? It's the sound of me screaming

Am in a terrible headspace today. Well, it started last night I guess. And there has also been the horrible, horrific shock to my system of returning to work. I have not liked that at all.

Feeling very overwhelmed and mildly miserable. Which, yes, is probably normal after the high of my holidays, but doesn't make it feel any less awful. (And you probably don't have any sympathy for me - who am I to complain after the last 3 weeks, afterall).

The boy and I had our first fight - and it was about carbon emissions. *rolls eyes*

And then he calls me just before and says he was listening to a thing on Triple J where a woman came back from Vietnam where she had been drinking fantastic, strong coffee ... and then ... went into withdrawal and couldn't work out why. And I'm like, why? What are you saying? And he's like, just that every time I spoke to you, you were drinking Turkish coffee ... *whistles*

Ugh. Well. I feel horrible. And ... unbouncy.

And the lovely gals at work had been putting spare coffees on my loyalty card so that I got a free coffee this morning - how nice is that?! I spose I should have had 9 more coffees, maybe.

*grumps off*