July 20th, 2008


Rare twins

When brothers Ryan and Leo arrived they had an extra surprise for their parents - they were born with different coloured skin.

For one twin to be black and one to be white is so rare that it is thought by medical experts to be a one-in-a-million occurrence.

Don't read this bit too quickly

And the twins are already revealing opposing personalities.

Light-skinned Ryan is described as a "spirited" baby, while Leo is laid back.


Lazy Sunday

Last night I finally did what you are supposed to do when sick, I watched a girlie movie. I spent most of the day pottering around my house, unpacking and tidying up and skirting around the edges of Twelfth Planet Press to do lists. And then somehow I found myself watching The Notebook, which for some reason I have been avoiding for years. Ended up sobbing in bed at the love story. Was great :-)


In the Before Time

In the olden days, you know, before the internet, people used to write each other letters. And they'd be really personal and stuff and people would keep them. And then, after they died, other people would go through their possessions, find the letters, read them and then learn a lot about who these people were and what they thought and things they experienced.

These days, we write emails to our friends. Or we send text messages to say I love you. Does that mean that we might lose a whole bunch of information about the kind of people we were and the lives we lived? All my love letters are in 800 character text messages and my phone only holds 84 messages before I have to delete to be able to receive more.

What's with us? Do we have no sense for the preservation of history?