July 21st, 2008


Office Space

So with the reshuffling of a bunch of things at work, whilst I was away, I was moved to a different, poison-free building. I share an office with another work mate who also asked to move. It's cosy but nice.

It's warm. And the air is clean. And just now I had the first visit to a bathroom at work where I didn't have to brave the weather in 9 months. It was a very weird in the normality of it all.

Still ... now I don't have to worry about further polluting my body and stuff.

Also there appears to be more than just my complaint regarding that person and that sexual harassment incident(s - there were 2). Obviously no longer being in that building, I feel a lot less stress about it although I have noted that I really really don't like walking past his office when I have to go into my old building. Apparently I am to be approached by someone who is investigating it. And I hate that I feel bad about making a "fuss" - I feel "bad" because I think I was not clear about the fact that his remarks were inappropriate. Kinda like going along with something you are uncomfortable with and then only saying in retrospect that you hated it. It's kind of not fair. Or something.

The dragon awakes

or ... LSS - caught with your pants down!!!

So. I've been tinkering around the edges of Twelfth Planet Press stuff. I worked mostly on the Biancotti Collection whilst away, much to Biancotti's horror. I also worked my way through the Novella series slush backlog. And then I read for fun. Since I've been back, I've also kind of tinkered around the edges - a few rejections here and there, answering some emails, opening some mail, maybe I edited a Shiny story. In any case, not really gearing up to proper stuff. But the one thing I've been avoiding - sometimes cause I just plain forgot (how on Earth?? ...) and sometimes out of guilt ... is the Last Short Story project. And then, when I vaguely recalled its existence, I realised it was just gonna plain hurt when I opened the spreadsheet again and peered inside.

So. I'm not saying that I'm starting to read again. But I thought I'd look at the numbers (not that I am competitive or anything)

GJ: 1353
BP: 1784
TRR: 1071
AP: 1247

You see that? That! Right there!! You think cassiphone has been gaining ground? You think maybe she started the reading for the year? Cause at the point she does, I am *totally* screwed. I'm barely clinging on to second place here!!!

Anyway .. my numbers apparently, at this snapshot at 3:08pm are
To Read: 814

(I'd say probably not everything is in the database at the moment)

Le Sigh.