July 23rd, 2008



I'm pretty grumpy and miserable today and should probably stay away from the internets. I'm only going to tell you that I have a headache, I'm tired from not enough sleep, I'm cold cause the Govt turned down the heaters in all their Dept buildings cause of the gas crisis but I can't work when I am cold, it's going to rain, I've run out of coffee at work, I didn't bring in any lunch and I don't like the can of soup in my drawer for emergencies, they didn't have my favourite flavour muffin at the coffee shop and I have to go back to the gym this afternoon and it's going to hurt. A lot.

See? I told you I was grumpy.

On the other hand ... I am going to see Dark Knight tonight with a work mate and her fiance and we will grab sushi on the way through after the gym.

And the boy asks me last night if I had brought my laptop over cause he will give me the password to his wireless. Hello!!! Now we're talking! And I had to smile when he replied, "Yes, I thought you'd like that."

Which reminds me of R&L who came round on the weekend and were telling me they had just bought a lot of coffee and I asked them how long they thought it would last and R says, "Well, I dunno. Now that you have your own broadband, foxtel and boy, it'll probably last us a year."
I'm not that much of an internet junkie am I? Okay, well maybe I am. Still, coffee does always taste better when someone else makes it for you.

And ...

My trainer has just reminded me that the City to Surf which I enthusiastically signed up for months ago when it was months into the future, is only 5 weeks away. I'm pretty sure I have lost all the fitness I built up before going away. I don't feel as strong and I definitely feel less fit this side of the trip. It's always starting back up training that's the hardest. Right?

grrr ....


It's *not* funny

... it's not funny. It isn't.

PARAMEDICS responding to emergency Triple-0 calls in Sydney's west are instead being used as de facto taxi drivers to local shops.

Older residents are the main offenders - using their pensioner entitlements to secure a free ride in an ambulance instead of paying a taxi fare to go shopping, ambulance sources have confirmed.

An ambulance ride to Mt Druitt Hospital costs $290, but the fee is waived for pensioners and other entitlement card holders.

Paramedics have watched in horror as patients miraculously recover from headaches and other feigned ailments to go shopping across the road, The Daily Telegraph reports.



A Poll

Okay so ... since it's gonna be *that* kind of day.

Yesterday a reasonable sized box ... maybe twice the size of a shoebox ... appeared in the tea room with a "Help Yourself to Free Hot Chocolate" sign above it. Peering into the box, we found probably hundreds of long thin sachets of Double Dark Hot Chocolate and Hot Chocolate with a Hint of Caramel.

Noone knows where they came from. Noone knows why they are there. The X Genners in the room (me) check out the Use By date - Best Before April 2007. Poison? A bid to control certain, somewhat contentious aspects of Govt decision making authorities? A slow revenge attack best served in hot chocolate??

It's a mystery.

What would you do? Drink the Free Hot Chocolate?


All things Audio

catrambo just posted her notes from Readercon on the Podcast panel (here) which gives lots of answers to the question: what podcasts should I be listening to?

It reminds me of my latest foray into all things audio. Remember my "I've lost my ipod what should I do?" posts from before I went away? I ended up buying a knockoff mp3 player for around $100. The boy took one look at it and said "man this is crap" and pointed out it had a terrible navigation interface and suggested that being so light, it might not have sufficient playing time. I was all stubborn and refused to agree. Plus, I'm kinda decisive and if I've gone with a choice, then I've already moved onto the next thing to sort out. I manically spent the last night before we left, updating my itunes with podcasts (270) and ripping some of my favourite CDs onto the laptop. I tried to then upload this stuff to the player but found .. um .. the navigation interface to be too difficult to .. well, navigate. I figured that I had three weeks to figure it out since I was taking my laptop with me anyway.

And so ... what did I do? Turns our Emirates has a pretty decent stash of albums on its inflight entertainment - including a bunch of stuff I had ripped onto the laptop - so I listened to that. And then the rest of the time I just listened to stuff off the laptop when relaxing in my room.

So the mp3 player was a piece of crap after all.

Except for one thing. It also has recording capabilities. It turns out, that part of it is pretty user friendly and the sound quality is not too bad. Prepare to be randomly interviewed at anything and everything at a conspace near you soon!

Knitting Post

(I'm a bit chatty today)

So I'm kinda very broke after my trip. I didn't at all adhere to budget and shall be living off instant noodles for a while in order to compensate.

Thus, I am devasted to come home and find out that my favourite yarn company in the whole wide world, and several other local planets, has upgraded the website and offers yet *more* stunning colourways *as well as more* yarn varieties. Blue Moon Fiber Arts make Socks that Rock yarn which is my most favourite to knit socks with and actually, when I think about it, I gift way more socks from their yarn than I ever get round to making for myself. The quality is extremely high and the yarn is beautiful to work with and quick to knit up.

And now far more lovely prettiness on site upgrade: here. Sigh.

Gender Fuck

So the boy and I can get a little bit competitive with one another. I like that he blurs all the lines between gender roles. I mean, I *really* do like it, it's totally one of the things I find really attractive about him. But at the same time, I kinda struggle with it. And this left kathrynlinge offering me this very sage piece of advice today:


there are things he's just gonna have more natural aptitude for/interest in. this you have to accept.

It kinda cracks me up.

I then went and totally redid the whole planned menu for the dinner I am cooking on Friday night. I just can't stand that he might be a better cook than me (even though he probably is).

The Dark Knight

Batman is so hoTTT!

I have a thing for the hero. Yummy. Dark, brooding Batman standing all alone on the corner of the roof of a skyscraper, blanketed in night. Yummy.

-- other than that:
... Heath Ledger was great.
... one of these days someone is going to leap off a building after someone else, thinking they can overtake and catch them. They're gonna discover they are misinformed about gravity.
... also ... you have to suspend pretty much all the laws of physics ... AND ... then all the tricks with the fast cars ROCK.