July 25th, 2008


cancer is a c*&t

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Paul Haines, a much-loved member of the Aussie specfic commuity is going through a tough time. After being diagnosed with bowel cancer, having sections of his bowel removed and enduring six months worth of chemotherapy, he has recently discovered he has spots on his liver. Paul has met this news by reloading his guns and is going to fight it with two other forms of chemotherapy for cancers like his, combined with a monoclonal antibody called Avastin. Avastin, however is not part of Medicare or the private health system's funding at this stage. It costs $20,000 to do it. Money that he doesn't have.

So we're going to try and help him raise it.

Here's the donate button, contact me or catsparx for his bank details or hang around for the tricks to begin.

This will remain at the top of my posts until we get to the target.


OMG I am tired. I remember before I went away being zombie-like tired and just dragging myself through the days and thinking that I had to get it all done cause I wanted it ALL - and I wanted to do everything and be everywhere. And geez that's tiring!!

There's gonna have to be some amendments to that New Years resolution of not saying no to any invite unless I am already busy. I think I must limit the number of things I try to fit into my weeks and my weekends. Too tired. But I guess in a good way?

I did somehow manage to get all the things on last night's to do list done. I don't know how (K might have been there helping). And then I got to bed by 11.30 which was fantastic to finally lie down. And then David Letterman had an interesting woman on the show who had done some exposing of the US's policy to torture suspected terrorists etc. So I watched that and of course didn't get to sleep till midnight. But she did say this really interesting thing - that Bush et al have defended their actions by saying that "this is an enemy like no other" and she questioned whether Al Qaeda etc really were worse than the Nazis. I think that's a really interesting thought to think through to the end. Basically, she was saying that all wars have atrocities and that this was the first time that these were actually sanctioned and permitted (ie via asking for permission per act) from the top of the US Govt. It was interesting anyway.

And then I had this very very bizarre dream. Which I can't quite write in a logical way to express how bizarre it was ... thus proving how bizarre it was.

Tomorrow I have a sea rescue shift at 8am. There is no way that is not going to hurt me. A lot.

And today I am in actual physical pain from 2 hours of exercising yesterday. But!! The fitness test went well. I have not in fact lost fitness, which I am really happy about. And I have improved on almost all the elements, and for those I have't, I've maintained. And best of all, I managed 5 proper push ups. In Turkey I was only doing 2. So I'm pretty happy about that (it's in case I ever end up in prison, I wanna be able to work out etc and look tough! Chin ups are next!)